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I also had a bit of confusion on how to get the correct location on to the map.  However,  I logged into Google Maps via then

  • Click My Places at the top left panel.
  • Click Create Map.

You've then got various option (none of which seem particularly relevant!) -

  • Add descriptive text, including rich text and HTML
  • Embed photos and videos in your map
  • Share your map with others
  • View your map in Google Earth

I selected 'Add descriptive text' then dragged the little blue bubble to where I wanted it and filled in the text.  This now shows on the map.  The only problem is if I search for the Village Hall with the postcode YO42 4PB it doesn't find it.  If I just use the postcode it brings up the village and shows the village hall!

It is one step closer though!



I'm afraid I'm still lost.

I now have the blue bubble in the correct place on google maps, but don't know how to edit our website map to the new position.

Presumably I have to edit the search address in the google map to reflect the new position, which I can do, but how do you save it to my website? so that the map on our home page then shows the new position.

Best regards Ken


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In theory if you have told Google where your specific address is, then a normal search for this address in Google Maps will yeild this location?

If so, then hopefully all you need to do is ensure that the address that you give in the "Website Details" admin page on your site has this address on it. Thus when our system does a Google Maps search to find the location it should find the pinpoint that you've added.

(If the address in Website Details is already exactly correct, you could try saving the details on the page again anyway as this'll give Voice a hint that it should try again to find the point on the map).


Joe - Voice Admin