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The problem is that Google doesn't recognise the address. We rely on google's "geolocation" service in order to find addresses on the map.

If you go to google maps and search for Vilage Hall, Main Street, Ellerton, York, YO42 4PB you'll see that it fails to find the location. Presumably because Google doesn't know where the village hall is on that road.

Interestingly if you search google maps for Priory Cottage, Main Street, Ellerton, York, YO42 4PB then it finds it. I assume this is because Priory Cottage have added their location to the map themselves. (even if you don't search for it, if you zoom in on Ellerton you'll see Priory Cottage show up)

So I think what might work is that you could tell Google where your village hall is. To do that I think you have to use the Google Business tools, though doing so is free.

Once your village hall appears on Google then it should also start appearing on a map on your Voice site. (if not, try editing/resaving your address on Voice to force it to check Google again)


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Thanks for that.  I have registered the Village Hall with Google maps and am waiting to see if it has been accepted.

In the meantime I have just taken 'Village Hall' out of the address and left the street name and postcode.  Lo and behold, up came a map!


Thanks for your help.