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On our home page we have selected '2 columns Right'. Our problem is that we cannot control the width of the column so that info such as latest news is squashed up. I have tried 2 coumn left but nothing seems to chage nor with 3 columns.

I am now putting pics in the indulet on right. What size do I have to reduce them to make them fit?

Ralph Weston

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I've made a change in the CSS which will affect Playtime and Darktones themes, which shuold mean that images (and form elements) now shrink themselves if required to fit into a column.

This should mean that your pictures in the right column should now fit snugly. (you may need to hit "reload" on your browser to get the change)

This seems to work in all browsers newer than IE6. Though frankly I'm not worrying too much about IE6 users! Let me know if you have any problems.


Joe - Voice Admin