River Flooding

If the village floods due to the river the the houses/streets shown in blue will be flooded.  Currently there is a flood pump in Lancaster Avenue and other flood defence systems on the river bank but if these fail then there is a chance of river flooding.  Even though a flood of the river is not s regular occurance we should not be complacent.  River levels are rising not by much each year but they are still ring, overall temperatures are also rising meaning that the seasons we see at the moment are changing.  Cold winters appear to be a thing of the past and flooding which was usually a winter event can be all year now.

When the river floods the river pump moves the water away from the houses but if it continues to rain then the inevitable will happen and properties will be flooded.  In the last flood most of Lancaster Avenue was safe as the newer houses are built above the 1980 flood line, but houses in Ripon Close and Chester Place flooded due to the water backing up in the drains.

Protecting our homes from flooding is our responsibility but if we all work together we can all be safer.  

Find the possible flooding on the river

Using the river guage to see the level of the river at St Michaels - click here