This is a community site that informs the general public in Great Eccleston about the flooding dangers within the village.  This website is administered by David Astall the Chair of Great Eccleston FLAG.

Contacting the FLAG

If you wish to contact the FLAG and report geberal flooding issues then email

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Current Flood Alert - 

No Flood Warning in place

No Rain Warning in place

 Details of the 5 day warnings can be found here

Sign up for the Met office Warnings


Many villagers signup for Floodline warnings but this only covers the river. Sign up to Met Office weather warnings which will warn you of heavy rain spells that often lead to surface water flooding. Subscribe to email alerts here:

Preparing for flooding

Due to the rising population in the village and the change in our climate flooding can now happen at any time therefore we must be prepared for it.  Flooding can come from riding river levels and very heavy rain causing flash flooding therefire it is our responsibility to be prepared for any such events.  Remember it is your responsibility to protect your property.  Therefore it essential to know what to do and what to report.  This website is designed to help you do just that.  

This page will give you the up to date flood alert for the area.  In other parts of the website you can view the national picture and the river level.  The danger points in the village are reported on as well as how you can help others.


  • Check blocked drains around your house - keep them clear of rubbish and leaves
  • If you have a road drain outside your house check for leaves blocking it - report it if there are blockages
  • A lawned or gravel area around your property is better than tarmac or resin paths as it disperses the water into the ground
  • Plant water loving trees or plants to soak up waterlogged areas in the garden
  • Check weather forecasts/this webpage/the PC website for heavy rain
  • Report issues to the Parish Council who have a Flood Officer
  • Make sure your house insurance includes Flood RE
  • When making a claim on your insurance argue and you will be paid more
  • Sign up for flood alerts on Floodline
  • Keep ypour neighbours informed of rising water levels
  • Try not to drive in floods, if you have to keep your speed down to avoid a bow wave




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