Flooding in August in Hall Lane

The flooding of the 10th August in Hall Lane was related to a blocked drain and run off from the new housing development. 


This is the aftermath of the rains and the drain that could not take the water flow.  Flash flooding causes rapid flooding but then disperses very quickly.  It is caused by heavy rain and usually blockeages in the drain system.


This flash flood was cleared very quickly with the help of the LCC Highways sucker, but residents can have the misery of the flood for 30 mins worth of rain water.  Therefore it is important that if you see a blocked drain you report it straight away to LCC Highways so they can investigated.  All contact details are on the contact page.  

Hall Lane is being carefully monitored in any heavy rain.

Recent heavy rain

There has been no reported incidents of surface water flooding following the recent heavy rains therefore we can assume that the remedial work carried out by LCC to flush out the drains has been successful.