Heavy rain - 3rd Oct

Following a night a of heavy rain i am pleased to say that there was no surface water flooding in Raikes Road.  A few gardens had standing water but no properties were flooded.  This could have been due to the drains being cleared along the whole length of Raikes Road and the issues being sorted out with the new housing development.

With the previous flood there had been a 2 foot wide stream running down the cycle track on the main road, this did not occur this time.


Flooding 10th August

The night 10th August found flash flooding in Raikes Road worse than it had been for quite some time.  Usually the flood extends in heavy rain from Pennine way junction to the junction with the main road, but on this ocasion the flood extended from Pennine Way junction to Lancaster Avenue, flooding out two properties.  

The main reason for this was the large volume of water flowing down Raikes Road but adding to this was a large valume of water flowing down the main road from the new development and meeting the Raikes Road flow at Moons and the junction with Lancaster Avenue.

The resultant flood water was very deep.




More precautions in place

As a result of the flooding more precautions have been put in place.  Following heavy rain flood signs will be placed on the junction of Raikes Road and the A586 and Lancaster Avenue.  These are designed to alert pedestrians of flood water and to slow cars down approaching the water.  

  • Driving in floodwater can cause a number of issues.  In some cars the water inlet valve is very low and flood water can enter the engine.  
  • If the water is too deep then it can stall the car
  • If a driver drives quickly through flood water is causes a bow wave which can flood properties.

Raikes Road will be closed in heavy rain 

Meeting with LCC Councillor

I had a meeting with Alf Clempson who works on behalf of Ben Wallace MP about the recent flooding in Raikes Road.  We discussed the ongoing issues as well as asking Ben Wallace to ask the Minister cincerned to look at some of the issues.