Highcrest Academy

$3000 boost for tackling food poverty in High Wycombe

Last October, three Sixth Form students from The Highcrest Academy, Amy Ditta, Fatima Hussain and Sammaya Ansari, who are taking part in our annual Bridge to Employment programme with Johnson & Johnson, competed against many other Bridge to Employment sites across the globe in a bid to win funds to design an innovation to help their local community.  Their idea was to target food poverty in High Wycombe and they undertook research to gain a better insight into how best to help the community.  Their pitch was successful and they won $3000 to spend on their innovative project. They called their brand FAS Food (using letters derived from the first letter of each of their names) and teamed up with Mark and Trevor from the Wycombe Food Hub, after realising that their aims were closely aligned, opening up a great opportunity for collaborative working.

Some of the funds have been used to build an allotment and greenhouse to grow fruit and vegetables sustainably for those in need within the Highcrest grounds, working with Highcrest’s Horticultural Club and Forest School.  

Highcrest’s Forest School students grow and cook meals outside, teaching the students many new skills. The Forest school works closely with the girls as they are going to be using the allotment and taking care of the sustainability of FAS food.  Recently, the Forest School students helped the girls plant some herbs, flowers and fruit in the allotment before the vegetable donations had arrived. This was a new and rewarding experience for all involved, and the Sixth Form students were able to work with students from younger years and see the allotment in use.

FAS Food also initiated a drive in school to collect food stuffs and cans across all the year groups to donate to the Hub and received a large number of donations from students and staff. They are committed to tackling food poverty one step at a time and from a number of different approaches.  For more information, visit their website at https://fasfood.uk/

Wycombe Food Hub provides an invaluable lifeline for people struggling to make ends meet by making food and essential items accessible for families, find out more at https://wycombefoodhub.org