Jo Gallant                           HELLO FROM JO                 

This Spring has been one many of us will remember for the rest of our lives, as we have been thrust into a complex storm of sickness, grief, anxiety, and isolation. However, as one Facebook post put it, ‘we are all in the same storm, but not all in the same boat’, because every one of us has, and will continue to, experience this time differently; since we all have our unique set of circumstances. Yet, even though essential services have been stretched to their limit, as a community we have worked together across cultural, religious, and economic divides, to support one another in so many ways; and as I have taken time to listen to various people during this crisis, I have heard not only stories of the overwhelming and varying needs, but also the heart-warming compassion of so many people in response. Therefore, it is my hope and prayer that once this time of crisis is passed, our ‘new normal’ will be undergirded by this deeper care and kindness for one another.

Alongside the difficulties and the compassion, it has also been a time of increased gratitude for all those key workers who continue to put themselves at risk by providing medical care, teaching, refuse collection, food and postal deliveries for our benefit; and in addition to this, it has for some of us been a time to reflect upon and re-evaluate what, and particularly who, is really important in our lives, and decide that our ‘new normal’ will be a time of choosing more of who and what really brings us alive.

As a church, St Francis of Assisi, Terriers, has also faced our own challenges, as the church building and hall, both of which host so many community services, groups and events, had to be closed. However, we have continued to be a ‘hub of hope’ by serving the local community practically and pastorally, and through live streaming worship every Sunday morning at 10am on Friends of St Francis Terriers Facebook Group, where we have been delighted to welcome old friends and many new ones.

As we adjust to our ‘new normal’ this summer, I pray that we will all continue to intentionally nurture those seeds of compassion, gratitude and hope,
which though sown in a springtime of crisis, carry the fruitful promise of a
better tomorrow.


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