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 How to manage your health at home

 The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak means you should only leave your home if it's essential, but it's still easy to get NHS help using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Our website has information to help you: - Contact your GP - Order repeat prescriptions - Manage long-term conditions - Maintain your mental and physical wellbeing For more information, visit: (22-04-2020)


 How to get help with shopping if you can't get out

 If you can’t get to the shops due to coronavirus:

✅ Ask for help from those close to you

✅ Keep 2 metres away from the people helping you

✅ Use safe payment methods

You can post a message on social media such as Nextdoor, Facebook local group etc asking whether a neighbour could help support you with this. (Nextdoor has a Help Map):

For more information visit the Government web site at: (04-2020)


Message from Christina Berenger Commander For Wycombe Police Area

I understand that this is a difficult and worrying time for a lot people as we all make significant adjustments to our daily lives to follow the measures set out by the government. These measures have been put in place to stop the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and save lives.  

You will be aware that the police were given new powers to help reinforce these measures and whilst these are an option to us, we will only use them as a last resort. Officers will routinely be stopping members of the public and vehicles to ensure the Government’s advice is being adhered to so please don’t be alarmed if you are stopped and work with us if you are told to return home.

Here in Wycombe we are united in our goal to make you feel safer, and we are using Facebook and Twitter to post messages about our activity, to reassure you that not only are we working with you to fight this virus but we are also still committed in our fight against crime. This week we have been reaching out to those who are out and about, encouraging those not in essential roles or on essential journeys to return to their homes as well as our normal work of keeping our community safe and bringing offenders to justice. 

I would however, particularly like to seek the support of adults with parental responsibility to keep children in their charge at home. We are seeing a number of children and teenagers gathering in parks and town centres, putting themselves and others at risk of catching and carrying coronavirus. 

This current climate offers up a lot of uncertainty which can make people feel anxious, unsettled and fearful but I want to reassure you that my team and I are still policing your communities, responding to emergencies as well as effecting the Government’s restrictions to stay inside and only go out in very specific circumstances. 

I want to say a huge thank you for staying inside and keeping our streets clear and for all the messages of support and generous donations that have been made to my team over the last few weeks. Your support makes a huge difference to my teams and it keeps them smiling in what is a challenging time for all of us

By continuing to stay home, you can protect the NHS and save lives. Thank you again for your co-operation during these challenging times.

Sent on behalf of Superintendent Christina Berenger, Commander for Wycombe LPA (Local Police Area) 

Useful information and advice:

For more information on the Government’s restrictions, please visit the GOV.UK website.
You can find a number of frequently asked questions and a message from Chief Constable John Campbell on our website.
If you need to report anything to us that is not an emergency, you might experience some delays calling 101 so where possible report through the Thames Valley Police website
. In an emergency always call 999. (04-2020)


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