We were granted funding from the London Capital Growth Project to create an edible garden in our community garden.  We are growing tomatoes,  strawberries, a selection of beans, nasturtiums, spinach, a wide variety of herbs and are currently starting off small squashes.


Varieties of herbs currently planted which will bring colourful flowers and scent to the garden are: 

Camomile (soothing and calming and makes lovely tea)

Dill, Fennel, Oregano, parsley (flavouring)

Chives (chopped in salads)

Cardamom (uplifting aromatic herb)

Chicory (add with other salad leaves)


Mint - basil, peppermint, apple, spearmint (lovely for tea and Pimms!)

Thyme - Broadleaf, Gold, Lemon, Common, Silver Queen (flavouring)

Hyssop blue (for flavouring soups) 

Borage (young leaves can be used in salads)

Lavender (soothing, essential oils and lovely dried flowers)

Rosemary (lovely for flavouring roast lamb and keeping away spiders!)

Marigolds (tasty in salads)

Black Chilli (flavouring)

Red Chilli (hot hot hot)


12.5.13 just some of the beans in flower....


beans in planter    beans in ground


12.5.13 tomatoes and cucumber seedlings....just need some more sun....!


tomato planter




 13.4.13 - Beans and herb selection ready to plant out....


broad beans ready to plant out     


13.4.13 Selection of herbs...



herb selection


2.3.13 - sowing beans, marigolds and sunflower seeds