Sherland Road Residents' Association manage and care for our community woodland garden, known locally as "number 98".  We hope that the garden will provide interest and colour throughout the seasons, attract a wide variety of birds and wildlife and be somewhere peaceful that people can pause awhile.


Sherland Road also has an interesting history, which we would like to share with readers.  


Residents of Sherland Road can join our Sherland Road Residents Assocation (SRRA) free and be a member of the Neighbourhood Watch.


If you would like to receive updates on the garden, to get involved in planting days and to receive information of local interest and / or join our Neighbourhood Watch, please email:

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Sherland Road


Support our Crowdfund to enhance our Community Garden as a haven for local residents and wildlife

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign with South West London Environment Network to create hedgerows that will become a home to valuable at-risk wildlife such as beetles, butterflies, song thrushes and hedgehogs.

Hedgerows are vital ecosystems for wildlife across the UK, but they don’t just occur naturally, but rather they must be ‘created’ through a technique called layering. 

Please help us reach our funding target by donating at



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