Voice Online Communities don't provide direct technical support to site administrators, but are always happy to answer questions that are posted in the Discussion Forums.

The forums can be found by going to Help then Forums in in the main site menu.

You can search and browse the forums to see if your questions have already been answered, and if not, you can log in and post a new message.


There are currently three discussion forums:

  • Bug Reports - If you have found a bug in Voice, post it in here. We'll do our best to fix it and report back when it's done.
  • General Support - Any tech questions about creating or managing your website.
  • New Features - Announcements of new features added to Voice websites, and a place where you can suggest new things that you'd like to see.

Help each other

If you see a question that you know the answer to, then please do answer it!

We will try to answer all unanswered queries within a day or two, but the more people that help out with answering then the more useful the forums will become. And it'll also give us more time for creating great new features for your websites! :-)

Notification of new messages

You can configure Voice to send you an email notification for all new questions and answers posted to the forums. Like this:

  • Log In to Voice if you aren't already.
  • Go to Your Account by clicking the little user button in the top right, then go to Email preferences.
    You'll see something that looks a bit like this:

    Email Preferences

  • You can turn on notifications for each of the three forums individually, and also set how often you want to receive an email. I get them instantly, but if this is too much you can select hourly, daily, or weekly and you'll get a roundup of all the messages during that period in a single email.


So what are you waiting for!? Get over there now! :-)