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March 2024

The steering group have agreed amendments to the Neighbourhood Plan in relation to the comments receievd to the consultation on the pre-submission draft. The final draft is being prepared ready for submission to Basildon Council  

February 2024

The steering group are in receipt of the Statutory and Non Statutory responses to the Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents. Bluestone consultants are compiling the responses and they will be fed into the Neighbourhood Plan ready for the steering group to agree 

January 2024

The planning application outlined below has been submitted to the Local Planning Authority. The application is on the January agenda for the Parish Council to respond and urge residents to send their comments/objections to Basildon Council   

23/01551/OUT Location, Land to the South of Wash Road, Wash Road Hybrid planning application for up to 400 residential dwellings comprising detailed planning permission for Phase 1 for the erection of 65 residential dwellings (Class C3) including associated landscaping, amenity and play spaces, parking provision, new pedestrian and vehicular access, sustainable drainage, attenuation basin and associated works; and outline planning permission (all matters reserved, except means of access) for the erection of up to 335 residential dwellings (Class C3), a community use facility (Class E), landscaping, informal sports pitches/spaces, amenity and play spaces, parking provision and vehicular access, sustainable drainage, allotments and associated works  

December 2023

Over forty replies have been received on the regulation 14 draft Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents and sent to the consultants to collate along with the survey monkey and all other responses. A report of the responses would be prepared and shared with the NP steering group and fed into the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan


November 2023 - NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN CONSULTATION                                                                                                                                                       

The draft regulation 14 Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents were sent to over 100 organisations and individuals which included all Local Authorities and Members in Essex, Education, Health, Utility services, Basildon Town / Parish Councils and individual Councillors and organisations with an interest in Neighbourhood Plans. An on-line survey monkey was posted on the parish website along with links to all documents. Paper copies of the documents and survey were made available and a drop- in event was held in the village hall on Monday 9th October 2023 which attracted a group of children from the local school and residents who discussed their views with the consultants and parish councillors. A newsletter with online access to all Neighbourhood Plan documents had been delivered to every home in the parish to inform residents of the consultation,  the drop-in event and ways to respond to the consultation.

The Parish Council urge residents to respond to the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents before the consultation closes on 20th November 2023. Paper copies are available   

October 2023

Residents were welcomed to a drop-in session at the village hall on Monday 9th October 2023 and shared their views with the parish council on the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents. A small group of children from the Noak Bridge Primary School also attended and gave some very interesting contributions on how they see their local parish now and in the future. A survey monkey consultation is also available on the website, paper copies of the survey or documents can be provided if preferred 

September 2023

The Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Draft and supporting documents were agreed at the parish council on 21st September 2023 and will be open for consultation for 8 weeks from 25th September to 20th November    

The Noak Bridge Steering Committee and consultants will attend a resident drop-in session on Monday 9th October to hear residents views on the Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Draft and supporting Documents 

Please send us us your thoughts on the Plan!

Draft Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan (PDF 8 MB) 

Design Code (PDF 11 MB)

Character Appraisal (14 MB)

Local Green Space Assessment (PDF 7 MB)

Regulation 14 Feedback Form (PDF 119 KB)

July 2023

The Steering Committee eagerly await the draft Neighbourhood Plan and Design Code

Link to Basildon Council Consultation:   

June 2023 - Survey Results  Survey Results

Click the link to see the results of the April/May survey on the Neighbourhood Plan; Policy Options, Vision and Themes and Objectives: Survey Results June 2023 

Responses to the survey were low but provided sufficient information to inform the draft Neighbourhood Plan  

May 2023

Design Code - work is progressing and close to completion
Neighbourhood Plan - the document comprises of the introductory chapters. The consultation results on the policy options, vision / themes and objectives will be fed into the plan in readiness for the regulatory consultation later this year. The £8,000.00 grant from Groundwork UK has been fully spent on the allocated Neighbourhood Plan work


The Parish Council are consulting on the Neighbourhood Plan emerging Polices and Options and the Vision, Themes and Objectives. Residents views are vital at this stage of the plan and your input will help in the completion of the Neighbourhood Plan in readiness for the regulatory consultation. Please read the documents, before completing the survey monkey consultation, links below

Policies and Options April 2023 

Vision Themes Objectives April 2023


The Neighbourhood Plan survey will be a topic for discussion at the Annual Parish meeting on April 26th 2023, in the village hall at 7.00pm

March 2023

The Neighbourhood Plan draft Policy Options, Vision, Themes and Objectives will soon be ready for resident consultation The Spring newsletter is in preparation with lots of news and updates and will be delivered shortly

February 2023

Link to Basildon Council Draft Local Plan Issues & Options Document: 

February 2023 , item 80.pdf icon PDF 774 KB

January 2023

As we enter a new year the outlook for the Neighbourhood Plan is looking more positve 

Following on from a local community working party on the Neighbourhood Plan draft and the Character Appraisal the consultants are preparing Design Guides and Princilples which we eagerly look forward to. The consultation strategy documents and policy options consultation are in preparation and a steering group working party will be held to review them 

November 2022

The Parish Council and Consultants Bluestone Planning met with Basildon Council to give an update on the Neighbourhood Plan. The consultants are now in the process of writing a draft Neighbourhood Plan based on the outcome of the ongoing work undertaken by the steering committee and will circulate a draft copy on completion. The Parish Council will also send a draft to Basildon Council before commencing on the consultation process. The Neighbourhood Plan draft policies are expected in the first quarter of 2023.

Having received a copy of the Basildon Council draft Noak Bridge Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan, the Parish Council have returned their comments on the plan              

September 2022

Over the past few months work has been ongoing by the steering committee and consultants firming up the Policy Schedule, finalising the Character Appraisal and completing the Draft Community Facilties Assessment

The parish council were recently awarded a grant of £8,000.00 by Groundwork UK to be overseen by Locality. The grant will specifically fund;  a) Preparation of the Pre-Submission draft plan, detailed policies, additional plans, photos and diagrams to support the document; b) Undertake a public consultation of the pre-submission draft plan with in person and online presentation; c) Review and collate the pre-submission draft; d) Amend evidence base review in line with current changes to responses, policy and circumstances

Basildon Council having withdrawn the Local Plan earlier this year are set to agree the Local Development Scheme 2022 - 2027, the timetable can be found on page 25 and the status of Neighbourhood Developmetn Plans in the Basildon Borough can be found on page 38, of the document: Development Scheme 2022 - 2027.pdf

June 2022

The comments and observations on the draft Policies and Community Facilities Assessment from the Neighbourhood Plan steering committee have been sent to the consultants. Once the policies are drafted they will be sent back to the steering committee for approval. The Parish Council considered applying for a grant to assist with technical knowledge for the design guide and have sent an Expression of Interest to Locality. At the June Parish Council the work of the volunteer members steering comittee was commended by the Council

May 2022: 

Neighbourhood Plan article, page 3 Jubilee Newsletter: Download: Jubilee 2022 (PDF 850 KB  April 2022:

Draft Neighbourhood Plan policies were circulated to members and to the steering committee. A working party would be set up to discuss the draft policies and the draft community facilities assessment and conclusions sent to the consultant. This will take some time due to the length of the documents

March 2022:

The draft community facilities assessment was produced by the consultant and sent to the NP steering group for comment. The Council held a virtual meeting with the consultant to agree the next steps, a conservation area character appraisal, design codes and work on policies including a highways policy to be drafted. Education and health matters were discussed along with the withdrawal of Basildon Council Local Plan. It was agreed to continue with the next steps and an agreed time scale for the Neighbourhood Plan and to work alongside the Basildon Local Plan. 

February 2022:

The NP steering committee met to discuss the Local Green Space and Public Rights of Way assessments. There were gaps in the Local Green Space document that were finalised by the steering committee. Two members of the group agreed to carry out a PRoW survey. The chairman documented the findings of the Local Green Space and findings of both documents were sent to the consultant 

January 2022:

The consultants produced three draft documents (Key Themes and Objectives, Policy Options and the Local Green Space Assessment) for the steering group to consider 

November 2021: 

Responses to the Housing and ECC Highway questions had been received. A meeting took place with Essex County Council to discuss Education. This is a priority for parents as additional housing in Noak Bridge would greatly impact school places as the school would not have the capacity and would need to expand  

September 2021: 

As an outcome from the walking workshop consultation and survey analysis the consultants produced a list of questions regarding Housing, Highways and Education They were sent to Basildon Council, Highways and Essex County Council for response which will help inform emerging policies. The businesses within the Parish are being collated and once all the information has been reviewed it will help formulate the Neighbourhood Plan 

July 2021: Survey Analysis Data: NBPC Survey Results July 2021

The Parish Council have reinvigorated work on the Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council met with Bluestone Consultants to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan work streams, they were agreed and costed in readiness for a grant application to Locality the Neighbourhood Plan support organisation. A Summer newsletter was produced for residents in time for the forthcoming resident consultation (details below) on the Neighbourhood Plan in the form of a Walking Workshop on 14th July. A route around the parish took place with the steering group and residents on a two hour tour of the parish where local knowledge was gained to assist and include in the Neighbourhhod Plan. Pictures were taken, residents pointed out specific areas of concern, unique characteristics of the conservation area and their future aspirations for Noak Bridge. A detailed survey was carried out, the consultants to send the survey analysis data to the Council                                                                                                                                               

The Council joined Parish Online and received a licence for maps which will be a great asset when writing the plan and illustrating specific locations

The Council when costing out the future Neighbourhood Plan work decided to apply for a grant of £10,000 to Locality to cover the costs of the works. The chairman completed the application form which was sent to Groundwork who manage the applications for Locality. The application was granted in a short space of time. Terms and conditions of the grant were duly signed by the chairman and the works have begun for which the grant was awarded

Residents were invited to a Walking Workshop around Noak Bridge on a route trail to take in as much as possible of the Parish. Walking and talking on route, residents will be able to point out items, good and bad in Noak Bridge where they feel the Neighbourhood Plan can develop policies to assist quality of life and the items that impact them

Details can be found: Download: Newsletter - Summer 2021 (PDF - 1000 KB) 

                                  Walking Workshop Route Map

In 2018, Noak Bridge Parish Council began the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan so that residents and businesses would have the opportunity to shape the future of the local area. See documents below relating to the Neighbourhood Area, Application, Decision Notice and Statement

Download: Noak Bridge Neighbourhood Area Application (PDF 179 KB)

Download: Noak Bridge Neighbourhood Area Decision Notice (PDF 668 KB)

Download: Noak Bridge Neighbourhood Area Statement (PDF 4.05 MB)

In September 2019, an information leaflet and questionnaire were delivered to every household within the Noak Bridge Neighbourhood Area. The questionnaire was also available online. The purpose of the questionnaire was to understand the initial priorities of the residents of Noak Bridge, as well as to identify any concerns they have about development within the village. We received over 250 questionnaire responses.

Those responses have now been analysed and the resulting Initial Consultation Report can be downloaded

Neighbourhood Plan Information Leaflet September 2019 (581 KB) 

Consultation Report Report January 2020 (364 KB)

Initial Resident Consultation Report March 2020 (783 KB)

If you have any questions on the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, you can or ask any of your Parish Councillors.