New Image and logos

Along with the change in the colour and format of this website.  Members will have noticed the removal of the Civil Aid Phoenix emblem. 


The change was made to identify MEFAS with First Aid and less to light rescue training.  Trainers are still able to deliver Citizen Emergency Response Training (CERT) should there be sufficient interested individuals.  Furthermore, MEFAS still holds disaster recovery stocks that were used by the Civil Defence Corps (as museum pieces) and up to date welfare and feeding items on behalf of Kingston Borough Council.  In time of need, members could be called upon to provide first aid and other disaster recovery voluntary services.


MEFAS' new logo is shown on the front cover of this website and as not to forget the Charities roots the Civil Defence logo will also be incorporated in Letterheads and other official documents.


The aim of the Charity is now to deliver first class quality in first aid training, adopting new standards and meeting new learning demands.