Farewell to MEFAS Ambulance

After 10 years of faithful service, MEFAS recently disposed of its Ford long-based converted Transit ambulance. 


The J Registered (nearly vintage by some standards) Ambulance was purchased from the MOD 10 years ago with little over 600 miles on the clock.  When it was recently sold it had travelled 66,000 miles around London boroughs.


The cost of registering the Ambulance with the Quality Care Commission and the age of the vehicle resulted in a decision that it was no longer cost effective to keep the vehicle road worth and compliant with Commission rules.


The Ambulance will be a loss for children at school fetes where parents used to bring nervous or inquisitive children to see around the vehicle and hear about the vehicle's history.


New portable covering is being purchased to provide protection against the elements and a safe environment for treating casualties using first aid techniques, at events.