Good Morning.

I am the website administrator for Whitby Civic Society and I need to add our new secretary to our list of Administrators. I have followed the instructions within the USERS & PERMISSIONS section of the website and created the relevant emails and pressed OK ... but no emails have been received, unfortunately.

I have had this problem in the past and a gentleman (sorry cannot remember his name) instantly knew what the problem was and made a simple fix and lo and behold the emails that I had set up within our 'MANAGE WEBSITE/USERS & PERMISSIONS/Invite others to join' instantly were sent and I was able to continue.

I was not made aware of what the problem was at the time but could you please provide the same fix so I can add our new secretary to our website. Would it also be possible to let me know what the problem is ... and if it is something that I have possibly caused and can avoid doing so in the future?

Peter Craggs

Posted by Voice Admin on

There's no particular problem with sending emails that I'm aware of - though I do hear that sometimes emails from Voice end up in people's spam folders.

I don't expect it's anything you've done wrong. It could just be that the emails have been marked as spam by the receiving email server.

If you let me know the specific email addresses that you've invited to be admins (you can email at rather than listing them on here) I can check to see if the emails have been sent.


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by Deleted User on

There was a problem with the mail handling in some places on Voice. On the Invite Users page the system was generating an email as if it was sent by you, the inviter, rather than coming from

This meant that some emails servers were rejecting the email, as our server isn't a valid sender for emails from other people's domains.

What I've now done is to change it so email is always sent from, but the reply-to header is set in some cases, so that replies go back to the person generating the email, rather than to me.

This means that emails now pass security checks as our server is allowed to send from the domain.

This should fix the member invite page, and a few other places where the system did the same thing, such as the email contact form includelet.

So, if you've had problems with emails not sending in the past, try again now and hopefully they'll work properly!


Joe - Voice Admin