Posted by Allen Parker on

You don't have to know any HTML to use the Voice website builder, but a little helps a lot.

For example, the page 'Full Title' is left-justified by default, what if you would prefer the title in the centre?
Well, simply type the following into the 'Full Title' window:

<CENTER> Your Title </CENTER>

The spelling is important, as are the angle brackets and the forward slash in the closing 'tag'.

You can also change the colour of the Full Title text, try this:


Here again the American spelling is important.

Red isn't the only colour you can use of course, most common colours are available. If your cannot find the exact colour you want you can always always specify it as a six character hexidecimal code. For example <FONT COLOR=1ECC0E> is a leaf green.

How do you find these codes? You go to a website like, which has an interactive colour selector.

There are many other simple HMTL 'hacks' that make that standout difference to your website. Experiment, you can't break anything and it's great fun!