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With energy bills so high, it’s even more important to make sure our homes are energy-efficient.

A major problem is too much heat leaking out, pushing up our energy costs.

Reducing draughts, adding insulation and making other energy-efficiency improvements can help us save money and cut our share of the carbon emissions that cause climate change. And in many cases there are grants available that can make a big difference if you're undecided.

Greening Westbourne held an advice event in April 2024 with speakers from the national Greening Campaign, the Sustainability Centre and the Petersfield Climate Action Network (PCAN). Their activities are mainly in Hampshire at present, but nearly all of their references to Hampshire apply to West Sussex too.

You can see information presented at the the event here: 

Sustainability Centre - home_hacks

PCAN - Making Westbourne's homes more energy efficient

Here are some other sources of information, covering DIY jobs, bigger home projects, grants and lots more.

Local info:

General info, much of it applicable to our area:

More specialist info: