Sea Queen - interim summary of discussions.

October 2016- March 2017

Following four meetings of Elizabeth Dickson, Morag Findlay, Richard Weymss and John Brown, it

was agreed that the Sea Queen was a feasible community project to revive. Analysis of past

ceremonies were made and updating the event was agreed. Discussions took place on the

rationale of staging such an event, the format, timings, enhancements along with updating certain

aspects of the programme, ceremony and event organisation.

Rationale for reviving the Sea Queen

To stage a community event

To celebrate and commemorate the men, women and children who have lived, prospered,

languished and died by the sea.

To recruit and involve as many participants and helpers from the Cellardyke and Anstruther

communities to stage the event.

Date of Event - Saturday 14 July 2018 (tides compatible)

(This is the 70th anniversary of the first Sea Queen held in July 1948)

Basic Format

Inaugural ceremony at Anstruther Harbour

Flotilla of historic boats take the SQ to Cellardyke Harbour

Procession through town streets

Crowing ceremony at Cellardyke Harbour

Commemoration ceremony of the sea following the SQ crowning

Historical Cellardyke figures will enact their stories in the vicinity of the Cellardyke Harbour during

the SQ day and participate in the ceremony.

The detailed format of the ceremony has been agreed in draft.

Team Leaders

Ceremony at Anstruther and Cellardyke Harbours: ED & MF

Boats co-ordination/Commemoration Ceremony/Historical figures: RW


Around fifty potential 'helpers' will be approached directly by ED, MF, RW and JB to ask for their

assistance in the event.

Programme 2017

Tuesday 4 May 7.30pm

ED,MF, RW,JB to meet to discuss format and content of initial public meeting.

Wednesday 10 May 7.30pm

Meeting of targeted personnel in Haven.

Friday 2 June 7.30pm

Richard to stage a repeat performance of his musical memorial to those lost in the Bernicia - in St

Ayles Church, Cellardyke.

He will announce publicly that the Sea Queen will be revived and staged in July 2018 and a public

meeting will be held to discuss with the public the rationale, organisation and development



Around fifty potential 'helpers' will be approached directly by ED, MF, RW and JB to ask for their

assistance in the event.


Revival of Sea Queen Festival 2018 (70th Anniversary)

Public Meeting - Wednesday 10 May 2017

During the 2016 winter months, a core team - John Brown, Elizabeth Dickson, Morag Findlay and Richard Weymss - has met to discuss and formulate a strategic plan to revive the Cellardyke Sea Queen Festival which was initiated in 1948 by Cellardyke Improvements Committee. In order to outline the plan and seek support and input from the public, a meeting was held in The Haven on the evening of the Wednesday 10 May.

John Brown introduced the core team and welcomed members of the public to the meeting.   He gave a context to the revival of the Sea Queen

  • To celebrate Cellardyke's heritage and its importance within a Scottish and international context
  • To commemorate the men, women and children who have lived, prospered, languished and died by the sea.
  • To stage a community event, recruiting and involving participants and local groups from the Cellardyke, Anstruther and Kilrenny communities.

Elizabeth Dickson gave a resumè of the updated event.

  • Two ceremonies will take place - one at Anstruther Harbour and the other at Cellardyke harbour.
  • The ceremony personnel will process through the town.
  • The basic format of the crowning ceremony will remain (as in 1948).
  • Historical Cellardyke figures will be introduced into the ceremony format.
  • A focus on the seafaring families will be included in the ceremony.

Morag Findlay then explained the criteria for the selection procedure for the Sea Queen which will involve:

  • set criteria for the position of Sea Queen
  • application form
  • peer voting by fellow pupils in S6 at Waid Academy
  • concluded by interview.

Morag also gave an account of the importance and complexity of Health & Safety aspects of the Harbour ceremonies and the procession through the town.

Richard Wemyss put into context, the integration of historical Cellardyke figures into the festival ceremonies and celebrations.   He explained the rationale for including five individual 'Dykers', all representing important facets of a seafaring community.

It was clear from all those who attended, that there was community support for such an event and many exciting ideas were put forward, discussed and action points taken.

A team was set up to look at complementary events which would enhance the Festival - David Barnett, Margaret Gowans, Kate Shearer and Mary Thomson.

John Brown thanked all those who had made the effort to attend the meeting - supporting, contributing ideas and volunteering to assist in the revival.

Future meetings will take place to secure further support in the development of the 2018 Sea Queen Festival.   These meetings will be advertised locally and on social media.