Cellardyke Residents Association

(Any amendments subsequent to the signing of the original on Dec 2nd 2008, having been approved in accordance with this constitution, are included in italics, with the date of their approval.)

1.       Name  

The name of the Association shall be Cellardyke Residents’ Association, hereinafter referred to as  “The CRA.”

2.       Aim

The CRA shall be non-party political and non-sectarian . It will:

Further in legitimate manner the general interests of the residents of the village of Cellardyke; promote its heritage and identity and encourage activities which promote a sense of community, raising funds and grants as appropriate to support this aim. 

3.   Membership

Membership shall be open to all residents of Cellardyke, and to those with historic, family or other recognizable connections to the village.

4. Subscriptions

The level and nature of subscriptions shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

5. Officers

The officers of the CRA, all of whom shall be honorary, shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and such others as shall be deemed necessary from time to time. The officers shall be elected annually, at the Annual General Meeting, the retiring officers being eligible for re-election. The office bearers will normally serve a maximum of three years, extendable by the agreement of the members at the AGM.

CRA shall have power at an ordinary meeting to fill any casual vacancy.

6.   Management    

The management of the Association shall be vested in the officers. 

7.   Meetings

Ordinary meetings of the CRA shall be held at least six times in the year, the date, time and place to be decided at the AGM, and any variations required by circumstances to be confirmed at the preceding meeting whensoever possible .

The Annual General Meeting of the CRA shall be held not later than 31st October in each calendar year, upon a date and time to be determined either at the preceding AGM or at an ordinary meeting, to receive the annual report and audited income and expenditure account and balance sheet, and to elect the officers and auditor for the ensuing year.

8. Extraordinary General Meeting

The Chairman can call an EGM, which can also be called upon receipt by the Secretary of a request in writing, specifying the legitimate objective of the meeting, signed by not less than three members. Any such meeting shall be held within 28 days from the receipt of the requisition and the business transacted at the meeting shall be confined to the purpose(s) embodied in the notice convening the meeting.

9.       Quorum

Six members, including at least two of the officers, present at any meeting shall form a quorum.

10.     Voting Powers

 Each member being personally present shall be entitled to one vote on each substantive proposal and in the case of an equal number of votes being given for and against any proposal, the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to give a second or casting vote. Co-opted members shall not have any voting powers.

11.    Minutes

The Association shall cause proper minutes to be kept of all meetings, which minutes shall be submitted for approval at the next meeting and, if approved, be signed by the Chairman of the meeting.

12.     Accounts

The CRA shall cause proper books of account to be kept in respect of:

 a)     All sums of money received and expended by the Association and the matters in respect of which such receipts and expenditure took place.

 b) The assets and liabilities of the Association.

 The books and accounts shall be kept at the residence of the Treasurer and shall be open to   inspection by members at any reasonable time. The accounts shall be laid before the Annual General Meeting, showing a proper income and expenditure account for the preceding twelve months, together with a proper balance sheet for the same period.

 14.    Audit

 An Honorary Auditor, who need not be a member of the CRA, shall be asked to make an annual audit of the accounts prior to such accounts being laid before the AGM.

 15.    Alteration of this Constitution

 No rule may be added to, repealed or otherwise altered except at an Annual or Extraordinary Meeting. Notice of such alterations must be given to the Secretary not less than 28 days before the date of the Meeting, who must circulate the alteration to members not less than seven days before the Meeting. A resolution to alter the Constitution must be passed by not less than three-fourths of such members as are present and voting thereon.

16. Dissolution

 In the event of any legitimate and formal decision to discontinue the CRA as a constituted association, any remaining funds shall be remitted to a designated charity ( or local group which adheres to the aims of the CRA, ) as determined by the remaining members

This Constitution was adopted at an AGM of the CRA held on 4th September 2017


Signed by Chairman  ____________________________   ( Glenn Jones)


Signed by Secretary   ____________________________   ( Catherine Wilson)


Date: 4th September 2017