Anstruther Cycle Routes - proposals..



An Anstruther Cycle Routes Group has been formed to identify and promote a series of improvements to routes for cyclists extending from Pittenweem to Kilrenny.   This works has taken account of the planned Safer Routes to Schools network and acknowledges work done by Waid Academy in this regard, and is being undertaken in parallel with work currently being done at the Primary School.   (The group comprises local residents with an interest in cycling, representatives of various local organisations and local council officials.)

The aim of the work has been to identify routes for use by cyclists, and mobility scooters, combined with adjacent footways, where feasible, to cater for pedestrians, wheelchair users, skateboarders, children’s scooters etc.

The routes have been developed sufficiently to enable the various options to be put before the general public for comment.  The plans will be available at several local locations and on   Questionnaires can be completed online, or returned to one of the addresses listed at the end of the questionnaire, by December 13th 2015.


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