Minutes of the meeting held in the Haven Bar, Cellardyke on 21st February at 7.00pm

Apologies for absence:

Stella Hunter, George Walker, Catherine Wilson, Diana Sykes, Catriona MacPherson.

  1. Present at meeting: Pam, Paul, John, Mary, Christine, Richard, Kate, Chris Oliver, Chris Paterson, Jo Hilton, Steve Liscoe and Glenn.
  2. Welcome to everyone by Paul (Vice chair) who chaired meeting.
  3. Minutes of previous meeting accepted after alteration relating to SCL. (i.e. “SLC will continue for 18mths – 2 years after Muir Homes completion” should say that they anticipate that they will continue until the money received has been spent.
  4. Proposed by Kate, seconded by Christine.
  5. Some correspondence passed to Kate from Pam re: beautiful Fife etc
  6. Present projects:

Interpretation boards: JB has had to deal with issue around the Council expectation that this should have gone out to tender (three) relating to the increased cost of the boards. Councillor Bill Porteus is involved now and JB will feedback to next meeting, no conclusion at present. There have been some good contributions and additions to the website and it is expanding.

Sea Queen: RW has had initial meeting with the Council and Chris P. is helping with the form-filling. Pam provided him with a copy of the CRA constitution. The Council praised the high quality of RW’s risk assessment document. They have been slow to answer some questions but this should be better once they have the forms. RW has no details relating to road closures etc yet. The procession is to include historical characters and the Anstruther Fish Bar is going to sponsor the window dressing competition, a leaflet drop to be carried out to encourage householders to do research on their properties and take part. RW has made a video to go on the Fish Bar Facebook page which has many followers. There is to be a photographic exhibition in the Sun Tavern and in Chris and Jo’s place in George Street, to include model yachts. Ideas/suggestions invited for the Lower Town Hall space which is available. Feedback from the school – some interest in drumming workshop, further discussions to take place and RW will feedback to next meeting. Margaret Anderson (1st Sea Queen) has made a donation to the Festival and invites to the Kirking will be sent to previous ones.

Floral displays: Kate reported that the grant system has changed and we have been allocated £250. Because of the cycle path the boat at Windmill Road may have to be moved (and the one at Waid) and Andy has agreed to help with this and other ‘heavy’ jobs. Paul to replace barrels at Windmill Road. One of the old ones is useful (to be given to Kate), the other is not. Wild flower seeds have been bought for round the War Memorial. Some discussion about window boxes but this will be discussed later. Further request/plea for any help from Kate.

SLC: Feedback from Glenn – no new suggestions being taken at the moment and it will be 18mths to 1 year until Muir have completed and further money will be forthcoming. Very keen to make folk in the community aware of this money and to get suggestions for using it from them. They have to be related to Open Space/Leisure facilities that can be maintained by Fife Council. Some discussion about possible ideas – disables access to War Memorial, Community Garden etc. 

Planning Issues.


Wall in East Forth Street

There has been correspondence and discussion around this and we have been told that it is due to be re-built in April. The Council have said that legal action will be taken if this doesn’t happen. We do not know what penalties there might be for non-compliance. Chris Oliver has written to Stephen Gethins but will write again. Paul to write to thank Council for what they have done so far but ask for clarification as to what will happen next; copied to Councillors and Community Council. Meeting agreed that as well as this wall being an issue there is a principle here that needs to be upheld in conservation area.

There was extensive discussion relating to some other issues and around what the local conservation plan consists of and how effective the enforcement officer can be. Jo Hilton has researched and attached to these minutes are links to website etc related to this – Council website is not very accessible. As individuals we can write to the Council with specific objections but need to be sure of facts and what might be being contravened etc. Chris Oliver suggested a talk by planning officer would be useful – invite to CRA meeting of AGM possibly. Pam to liaise with Steve in relation to the Council planning emails – possible to be sent to all members.

Treasurer’s Report: There has been no movement forward with RBS and it was agreed that we will close this account and open one with TSB. A coffee morning will be arranged to help with Sea Queen funding in April sometime. Mary to liaise with Eleanor.


  • PM noted the broken sign opposite Chinese restaurant and Steve to check with transport department about replacing etc. He will also check if the Mercat Cross is de-scheduled.
  • Chris told the group about the George Street Sessions CD which has involved lots of local musicians. Produced by Clive Gray and CRA to send him a thank you card (Kate). It has been a very successful community project and there is enough material for a second one. A successful beach clean was organised at the end of the year and he will organise others (bi-monthly). Mara Seaweed may sponsor and Willie Rennie is supportive. 
  • Chris P. asked about seaweed clearing and how the Council undertake this. Steve to follow this up
  • Glen flagged up concern about the gabion baskets by the pathway at Kilrenny Beach. Has emailed Council but no response.
  • Paul requested that Sec. sends copy of CRS Constitution and Grant Funding information to all members.


Minutes of the meeting held in the Haven Bar, Cellardyke on 25th April, 2018 at 7.00pm

  1. Apologies for absence: George Walker, Paul Lewis, Chris Oliver, Jo Hilton, Glen.
  2. Present at meeting: Pam, Christine, Richard, Kate, Clare Checkland, Catriona, John, Dave, Catherine, Steve Liscoe.
  3. Minutes of previous meeting accepted: proposed by Kate, seconded by Christine.

 Present projects:

Interpretation Boards: JB reported that procurement problems have been resolved. Noted that Bill Porteus has been very helpful. Most boards are complete now and should be in place for the Sea Queen Festival (14th July). Material on the website extends information on the boards, flagging up the history behind the buildings, for example. Pages on the website are printable on A4 at point 12.

Sea Queen:

a) RW reported that one of the six permissions required for parade has come through. A Sea Queen has been chosen and official announcement will be at a later date. 32 characters have been identified and recruited. There are different individuals leading on the various aspects of the day. Ceilidh to take place in the evening.

b) In relation to the WW1 centenary Clare outlined the possibility of doing a ‘quiet citizen’ piece based on one done by the National Theatre last year. 6 people from Cellardyke have been identified who died in WW1 and they would be represented by someone and would quietly stand outside the houses in which they lived then join afternoon procession. There would be a steward with each of them who would hand cards with explanation to interested members of the public. They would join up and process to lay a wreath at the harbour stairs, accompanied by a lone piper. Some discussion around this idea, Clare (and Catriona?) to move this forward. A logo for the Sea Queen is being produced by Susie McIvor and it was agreed to add Cellardyke to the crest.

c) Ladders will be needed to put up bunting and Kate is to approach Andrew Peddie who has a cherry picker. Some discussion around holding another coffee morning to raise funds (Mary to be approached) and CW to ask if church might put something on after ceremony and available dates for coffee morning – possibly 2nd of June?

Floral displays: Kate reported that seeds have been purchased and grant applied for. Planting is to be done in May and some helpers have been recruited. 3 tubs have been purchased for the harbour on the Sea Queen Day.

SLC - no report

Planning Issues: An enforcement order is in place for the demolished wall in West Forth St. but no movement so far. Still waiting for better weather to use lime etc. It was reported that other issues (discussed last meeting) have resulted in plans being amended. Also, a house for sale in George Street with plastic windows where it will be part of the sale that they have to be replaced. SL to chase up other issues and to look at the Place Name Legislation because there is an idea to apply to have some changed.

Treasurer’s Report: (Kate Shearer.)

Income since February -£5.91 from February meeting and D.Cargill-Thomson membership of £10.00.

Cash in hand is £76.22..(Christine has bought some plants so I'll pay her out of this)

Payments since February- £325.23 to John Brown for insurance and fee for the Sea Queen.

Allan McLelland visited the RBS van and wrote a cheque to the CRA new account with the TSB- so in the end it was a simple operation!   Pam and myself are signatories to the account.

The Balance transferred was £3,482.52, so after the cheque to John is presented, the Bank balance will be £3,157.24 - with the Sea Queen fund standing at £1,493.74.

The Floral Fund stands at £887.20.   I have spent (so far) £49.22 on seeds and 3 barrels to place near the seat next to the Haven with the view to enhance that area for the 14th July.

The Floral Grant Form has been submitted and I'm assured it is OK!!  so we should receive £250.00 from that - which means we can spend a bit more this season down at the bottom streets.

Miss Jessie Lyon very kindly sent me a voucher for Pathhead nurseries for £10.00 so I will liaise with Helen Allan as she is "in charge" of the Toon's Green boat near Jessie's home.  I shall send Jessie a thank you card this week.

I think it would be a good idea to ask folk along the bottom streets to make an extra effort in putting out window boxes/pots on the day of the Sea Queen and hopefully when the judging takes place.  I may have to visit all of these houses myself to explain what we would like and also discuss the possibilities of the bunting/flags.....I will ask Pittenweem and Cellardyke Churches if we can borrow their flags- everything helps!!


  • Dave was introduced who is the Halls Manager and is keen to encourage the use of these local halls. Community worker background.


Minutes of the meeting held in the Haven Bar, Cellardyke on 13th June 2018 at 7.00pm

  1. Apologies for absence: Christine Herd, Allan McLelland, Pam Moncur, Bill Porteous, and George Walker,
  2. Present at meeting: John Brown (Chair) Netta Carder, Glenn Jones, Chris Oliver, Kate Shearer, Richard Wemyss and Catherine Wilson.

 Minutes of previous meeting accepted: proposed by Kate, seconded by Chris.

 Present projects:

Interpretation boards: JB reported that since the previous meetings there had been calamitous occurrences relating to Westmorland Signs, who were in the process of designing the boards and were to have manufactured and installed them. In short, the company had not been responding to e-mails since mid-April, and enquiries via Historic Environment Scotland and Dan Butcher, the designer, had revealed that the company ceased trading on 15th April having recently received payment for the work against a proforma invoice. The firm had been wound up officially by RSM, Manchester on 24th May.

The ‘good news’ was that the design of four of the boards was 95% complete, the remaining designs were ‘on stream’, that Dan Butcher had been able to download the work to his own computer and was willing to complete the design process for an estimated £600 - £800, based on his previous knowledge of the requirements. It was noted that the intellectual property rights regarding the design rested with the CRA.

In parallel to the development of the boards, a website had been developed very creatively by a team of artists and writers contributing extended information to the board topics. Another group had been working on leaflets for families and children walking through Cellardyke. This on-going work had been put on hold.

John reported that he had asked Glenn if the Silverdykes Liaison Committee would consider financing the final stages of the design process (£600 - £800) to ensure completion of this stage. Glenn responded that he had taken the matter to the SLC and the committee had discussed the situation at length, with mixed reactions becoming apparent. Without taking the matter to a vote it was clear that the committee was not keen to see more money going to support the project at this stage. Fife Council would be reviewing the situation, and would, no doubt, be putting in claims to the liquidator.   (John would be trying to find out more informally through a contact at RSM.)

It was agreed by those present that the CRA should use some of its funds to secure the designs to secure the intellectual rights, taking money from the Burns Supper account for the purpose if necessary, the Burns Supper and the Board projects both being in line with the aim of ‘furthering such well-being, and promoting a sense of community.’ This agreement was formalized through a proposal by Glenn and seconded by Richard. It was further agreed that fund-raising, for instance, through a raffle on the occasion of the Sea Queen, and through applications for local grants should be considered.

It was recognised that fund-raising with the aim of completing of the project as a whole would be extremely difficult but should be attempted. It was noted that the story of the project and its set-back was very newsworthy and might help in identifying alternative sources of funds.      

Sea Queen:


a) RW reported that he had received the last of the necessary permissions that afternoon. The permissions had cost over £100 but there was to be no charge for the five police officers who would be on duty on the day.

b) The Sea Queen would be Katie Morris, who was born and grew up in Cellardyke and attended the local primary school and the Waid Academy. She was now training to be a primary school teacher at Dundee Uni.

c) Katie’s mother (Janice) had volunteered to organise the evening ceilidh in Cellardyke Town Hall. This would be for the main participants in the event (and their families), by way of a thank you. There was to be a live band, the cost of which would come from funds to be made available from the Community Kist.

d) The three items of Sea Queen regalia were to be placed in Kilrenny Church for the service the Sunday after the current meeting (17th) and then one item would be presented to, and put on display in the other two churches until the time of the event.

e) Richard was due to talk to the local WI at a meeting at which the new Queen and several former Sea Queens would be present.

f) There were to be various exhibitions held in association with the celebrations - photographs at the Sun Tavern; Dykers at War in the Lower Town Hall and an exhibition of the East Neuk Model Sailing Club.

Kate indicated that more bunting was needed.

Floral displays: Kate reported that new tubs had been established outside The Haven and that the Tattie Boxes on Windmill Road had been planted. Gordon Craig had replanted the boat and tubs at the corner of Pickford Crescent and there were new tubs at the top of the steps leading down to Shore Wynd which were being looked after by Paul Lewis. Helen Allen was looking after the Toon Green displays. Kate said that she would talk to Jill Fraser about the display round the telephone box at the bottom of Tolbooth Wynd.

Quite a lot of money had come in through the collecting boxes in shops, cafés and other businesses in the town. The Floral Fund money from Fife Council had been paid, by the Council, into the wrong bank account and the bank was charging £20 to make the transfer but Kate was fighting this decision!!!!

SLC:Glenn reported on the state of play with applications for funding and grants agreed. So far £279K had been allocated under the Section 75 funding arrangement and there was £21K left from the monies made available covering the first two tranches. A further £100K would be payable once the building/development of the scheme was finished.

There had been a proposal for a disabled ramp at the entrance to Bankie Park near to the former Council Offices but as the new LadyWalk Care Home was to be developed in that area of the park, this entrance would disappear.

The proposal to develop disabled access to the Kilrenny/Cellardyke War Memorial had been discussed. Mr Peddie would be improving his access road but the cost of providing full access was estimated at £34K. It was thought that the provision of access might be at the expense of removing the seats.   Members were not generally minded to support this expenditure but it was agreed that Dorothea Cargill Thompson, who had been investigating the  possibilities, might wish to  speak and have the matter reconsidered at the next meeting.

With regard to the repair of the bridges on the Craw Hill Woodland path – and early project proposal – it was noted that the second bridge was not in a good state of repair and the third was virtually beyond repair. Furthermore, the path beyond the third bridge had, in effect, disappeared. The estimated cost of the bridge repairs had been £7.5K several years ago. The question was raised of whether the Council would continue(?) to maintain the past.

It was noted that residents of the Dreelside housing area did not have any play facilities. Glenn had offered to advise a local group on putting together a proposal.

Planning Issues: There still appeared to be no progress regarding the re-construction of the wall in East Forth Street. It was agreed that Fife Council should be pressed to take legal action as it had been indicated that the necessary rebuilding would be completed in May. The area looked very unsightly and it appeared that the land on East Forth Street, at the back of the pub, had been separated from the pub which, it was thought was up for sale. Kate had been in touch with the Council.

It was agreed that John should contact Steve Liscoe to enlist his help and that Pam would write to the Council officially to seek a progress report.

Reference was made to the damage on the slipway at Cellardyke Harbour caused by recent storms, and to mooring rings which had been removed from the outer walls.   The latter were to be replaced temporarily for the Sea Queen, but it was noted that a longer-term solution was needed.

It was noted that Mr Peddie had given some land at the corner of Windmill Road and Crail Road to enable a cycle track to Kilrenny to be constructed on the south side of the main road. There was no indication of when the work would start.   (Barnetts were also to give some land at the site of their new bakehouse in the Station Road area.)

Treasurer’s Report: Kate gave a brief report including indications of the levels of cash in hand (£65-38) and recent payments - for plants (£26-84). Kate is willing to provide a fuller statement of the accounts to anyone wishing to see one. The year’s accounts will be presented at the AGM – 11th September at 1900 in Cellardyke Town Hall.  

A.O.B.It was noted that a new Transport Bill had been introduced at the Scottish Parliament the previous day including a ban on parking on pavements. Kate indicated that she had already written to Stephen Gethins about the problems such a ban would cause in Cellardyke. He had indicated that he would take up the matter with Fife Council. Chris Oliver volunteered to write to Willie Rennie to invite him to visit Cellardyke and see the nature of the problems along James, John and George Streets.



The date of the subsequent meeting was set for Wednesday, 5th December (at 1900 hrs)

Letter received from 'Keep Bankie Green' group subsequent to meeting.


Bankie Park.pdf


Cellardyke Residents Association

Annual General Meeting

11th September 2018

Cellardyke Town Hall



John Brown - Chairman

Paul Lewis - Vice Chairman

Those present:-

Richard Wemyss, Morag Findlay, Elizabeth Dickson, Mary Thomson, Christine Herd, Caroline MacDonald, Janis Morris, Nette Carder, Marie Carder, George Walker, Glenn Jones, Peter Shepherd, Dorothea Cargill Thompson, Maryanne Sammes, Laurie Smith, Sydney Clare Checkland, Catherine M Wilson, Susan Innes, Catriona Macpherson

Apologies were received from Kate Shearer, Pam Moncur and Katie Morris.

(Apologies were subsequently received on 12th September from Diana Sykes)


John Brown introduced the meeting and welcomed everyone to the AGM. He noted that the Treasurer, Kate Shearer, had retired from the CRA and was unable to be at the meeting. Pam Moncur had also resigned as Secretary of the Association. He noted that one of the main functions of the CRA is to sponsor and support local projects and introduced those that had been sponsored or may be sponsored in the future. The very successful Sea Queen Festival, The Interpretation Boards, Cellardyke in Bloom and the proposed Quiet Citizens Walk. The first part of the meeting was therefore devoted to these items. 

SEA QUEEN FESTIVAL - 14th July 2018

Richard Wemyss presented a montage of photographs demonstrating what had been such a successful festival in 2018. It was so successful that it had been agreed to hold another Sea Queen Festival in 2019 - with the proposed date of 3rd August 2019 as an afternoon high tide was necessary.

Key to its success had been the fact that it had a very clear focus. The Sea Queen festival was a festival for the community to participate in - aiming to celebrate our current community with a grounding in the past. It was a unique event which aimed to enable as many people as possible to participate, with Cellardyke/Anster as its core. Tourist spectators were a bonus for the festival, but not a target and the festival was not designed to raise money, but to be an event for everyone to join in. It was this approach which would underlie 2019’s event and distinguished the Sea Queen Festival from other festivals.

Key points to consider in planning next year’s festival would be:-:

 Does this enable people to take part?

 Does it fit with the Celebrating Cellardyke theme?

 Can it be intergenerational?

 Lessons had been learnt from the first festival which would be taken forward in 2019 - such as closing off the streets from the end of George Street. 2019 was also the 50th Anniversary of the Fisheries Museum and new ideas being considered were a 50 gun confetti salute from the harbour, older musicians working with younger musicians, a song writing competition and occasional musical performances in Harbourlea.

There had been so many positive comments from people regarding the benefits of taking part in the festival and this would be key going forward.

(Secretary’s note: The presentation itself, especially given the photos, was unfortunately too large to be circulated.)

Elizabeth Dickson outlined some of the ideas for next year and for involving more people, such as the window dressing, which had been very successful. She also talked about individual streets doing their own bunting, rather than Kate Shearer and a small team undertaking this responsibility. This could encourage people to participate and perhaps streets would even compete with each other.

Morag Finlay talked about the process of choosing the Sea Queen for 2019, which was in the early stages of development. The age and maturity of Katie Morris, the current Sea Queen, had been integral to the success of the Festival and the plan was for the Sea Queen to be someone between the ages of 16-21, thus ensuring that people both at school and who had recently left could be considered. The plan was for the process to begin in October 2018.

Janice Morris read out the reflections of Katie Morris, the Sea Queen, on the day - and how honoured and privileged she felt to be Cellardyke’s Sea Queen. Janice also read her own thoughts as the ‘Queen Mum’ (and ex-Sea Queen herself) on what had been a such fantastic day for Cellardyke and the whole community.

Their reflections are both attached to the minutes.


John Brown updated the Committee with regard to the Interpretation Boards. Despite Westmoreland signs going into liquidation, remedial action had been taken and John was confident that the Boards were 90% complete and would be in place in Cellardyke as soon as finance could be accessed. In addition, a website is being developed to complement the Boards, so that those who were interested in finding out more would have a resource to find out more information.

His report is attached.


Paul Lewis read out the report, prepared by Kate Shearer, on yet another successful year, with Cellardyke obtaining a Gold award for the third year running. Her report is attached to the minutes.

Glenn Jones then gave the following appreciation and tribute to Kate Shearer:

There are people who are forthright and outspoken, and there are people who work hard behind the scenes to get things done, but they aren't often one and the same person, and that is why Kate Shearer  is a rarity, and why,  over the past decade, I have come to appreciate just what she  has done  for us all.

Kate has always been ready to defend the village, and speak out in plain, unvarnished  language  if it is endangered in any way.  She has worked tirelessly with her small team to create the tubs and flowers that we see all over Cellardyke, and no-one can doubt that she has  added hugely to the  quality of our environment,  whether  by drawing attention to abuses, or by making it an even more attractive  place in which  to live.

It is typical of Kate that despite all her other contributions,  she took on the additional role of treasurer when our trusty  old soldier Allan McLelland finally stepped down and   there was no other volunteer.  Now, however, she has completed her work and it is time for someone else to take over, for no organisation can rely forever on the same small group of comrades.  And as she steps down,  and although she cannot be here tonight,  I would like to  record our thanks for all Kate has done for Cellardyke, and the CRA.

His appreciation and thanks were endorsed and her positive contribution noted.


Clare Checkland introduced the Quiet Citizens Walk, an event which was originally proposed to take place on the morning of the Sea Queen Festival. It would now take place on 11th November 2018 and was intended to mark and remember the 64 service people who had lost their lives in the First World War. The plan was for schoolchildren to take on the character of one of each of those 64 people, wear black, and walk silently to the War Memorial where there would be a remembrance, including a poem and song, of their lives.

A list of the 64 has been produced, but not all their Cellardyke addresses are known - so if people do have more information, Clare Checkland and Catriona MacPherson would welcome it.

Flyers have been distributed throughout Cellardyke and the event publicised on Facebook. The email address is : quietcitizenwalk@gmail.com


These had been previously circulated were agreed as a correct record.

Proposed by Glenn Jones and seconded by Christine Herd.


This had been prepared by Kate Shearer and audited by Ian Gray and was read out by John Brown. A copy of the report & the accounts are attached to the minutes.

Subscriptions were down this year as there were fewer meetings held and fewer people had paid annual subscriptions. However, there was a surplus of £401 in the floral fund.

Richard Wemyss noted that the Sea Queen festival had been underwritten by the Community Kist and overall had a very small deficit of £14. The Norah Webber Trust had contributed £1,200 for the PA system (which included the stage, etc.) and Mary Thomson had organised a successful coffee morning which also supported the Festival.


John Brown presented his report as Chairman and his full report is attached to the minutes.

He noted that the CRA has evolved into an organisation with a changing focus.   It has become the sponsor and supporter of community projects, aiming to promote and secure the identity, the history and development of Cellardyke. Through this sponsorship, encouragement and support the CRA has been able to successfully involve individuals, teams and organisations in the development of our community.  

It was with great satisfaction that so many people were involved in the success of the Sea Queen Festival revival in July and despite the challenges faced in the design and installation of the Interpretation Boards, he was confident hat they will be in situ in the foreseeable future and the website on line. He looked forward to the Cellardyke and Kilrenny Quiet Citizens Walk.

He thanked all the members of the committee and expressed appreciation for the 11 year reign and contribution of Kate Shearer, as well as expressing thanks to the past Chair - Glenn Jones - and past Secretary - Catherine Wilson.


It was agreed that the annual subscription would remain at £10, with those attending the CRA meetings also paying £1 per meeting.


Chair :

John Brown was proposed as Chairman by Richard Wemyss and seconded by Glenn Jones. John Brown was duly elected as the Chair of the CRA.

Vice-Chair :

Paul Lewis was proposed by Catherine Wilson and seconded by Mary Thomson.

Paul Lewis was duly elected as the Vice-Chair of the CRA

Secretary :

Nette Carder was proposed by John Brown and seconded by Morag Findlay. Nette Carder was duly elected as the Secretary of the CRA.


There were no nominations for the position of Treasurer. It was agreed that individuals would be approached outside the meeting and should a suitable candidate be found, then their appointment would be ratified at the next meeting of the CRA.


Marie Carder raised the question of membership subscriptions and how they should be paid. In the absence of the Treasurer, it was agreed that a process would be discussed and agreed and then circulated to all existing members of the CRA.


The next CRA meeting was agreed to be on Tuesday 9th October at 7pm in the The Haven.

The meeting closed at 8.15pm.

Attachments to the minutes:

Cellardyke Sea Queen 2018 reflections & Sea Queen Mum 2018 reflections

Report on Interpretation Boards

Cellardyke in Bloom

Treasurer’s Report & Annual Accounts

Chairman’s Report

Quiet Citizens flyer


CRA AGM 2018

Reflections of 2018 Sea Queen - Katie Morris

I am very sorry I can’t be at the meeting tonight as I am back at University in Dundee. I have written my thoughts on the Sea Queen 2018 and have asked my mum to read it out for me...

I was very honoured to be asked to be Sea Queen although I didn’t have a clue at the time what it was all about as the last Sea Queen was 18 years ago and I am 19.

Well no one could have predicted how well the day/ weekend/Festival would have gone. I was very impressed from the very start with the organisation of the flyers, publicity and rehearsals. I hadn’t expected to see myself on all the lampposts in Cellardyke and the hundreds of leaflets that I helped pop through letterboxes.

I have to congratulate everybody’s contribution towards the Festival - from those who organised the advertising, the decorations, the historic characters, the windows , the exhibitions, the boats, the pipers, the spectators, the marshals, the children who took part (who were brilliant on the day and at the practices.)and the weather.

Nothing had prepared me for the sight I saw when we sailed into Cellardyke harbour. Coull said he had never seen so many people.

I found the laying of the wreath the most moving part of the day and will never forget it.   The Ceilidh at night, where all the people who had helped organise the Festival were invited was brilliant and I have to thank my mum for organising it.

The young ones will certainly remember it and tell their friends.     (Future participants I hope).

I enjoyed the Kirking in the church on the Sunday with all the ex-Sea Queens and old photos at the tea afterwards, visiting Harbourlea and Ladywalk after the church service and talking to the older members of the community about their memories of the Sea Queen was all very interesting.

I have been asked as Sea Queen to take part in a few events happening in the community in the year ahead. Some I will be able to carry out, others I will have to apologise, as I have study commitments.

I hope, with the help of other young people, to organise some event in 2019 for young people in our community. I hope the Sea Queen will carry on and other young people will gain the experience and feel so privileged and special as I did.

I will never forget it.

Thank you.


CRA AGM 2018


Reflections of the Sea Queen Mother


I would just like to add on to Katie’s thoughts of the festival as the Queen Mum, ex-Sea Queen and a resident of Cellardyke, that I too feel very privileged to have been part of it all.

I enjoyed organising the Ceilidh and getting to meet so many people who were involved in the organisation and chatting to them .   I met so many people I had not met before when we were giving out the invitations to the Ceilidh and chatting to so many different people in the community when we were delivering the leaflets.

There was such a buzz and a good community spirit leading up to the Festival - seeing people preparing the streets and houses, exhibitions and the harbour.

The weather was a big factor when out and about.

I too won’t forget the number of people on the day and the procession of people from Anstruther along the streets, the bunting and decorated windows.  Of looking through each wynd as you passed at the boats and rowers making there way to Cellardyke and of so many people at the harbour, the great buzz of anticipation of waiting for the Sea Queen to arrive, everybody joining in helping, talking, sharing memories and history, Jessie Lyon handing out tea and cakes, Margaret Gowans giving drinks to some older spectators who had been waiting a while in the heat.

The ceremony was fantastic and the old characters were brilliant. The Sea Queen going back out with the other boats was such a good idea.   The atmosphere when the piper played out at sea, the lowering of flags and the laying of the wreath was so moving.

I would not change anything of the format of the day . I think we have just set up something great for the whole community.

The only thing I and others thought could improve the day would be to offer refreshments to those who came to watch. I would like to follow Jessie Lyon and my sister’s gesture and ask others along the streets, at the harbour and at the east end to offer teas and a wee something cakes/biscuits outside their houses on in their gardens where people again can go and chat and share their thoughts on the day.


CRA AGM 2018

Update on the Interpretation Boards

1. The objective of the Project was to design, manufacture and install a Welcome to Cellardyke Board and 6 other Interpretation Boards at strategic locations throughout the Burgh.

2. Finance was secured through Section 75 funding (the Muir Homes/Silverdykes fund) and agreed by the Silverdykes Liaison Committee.

3. Westmoreland International Signage was chosen to carry out all three stages of the process.

4. Liaison took place with Fife Council Officials (planning, harbour officials, parks etc ) and The Community Council to facilitate the project.

5. Unfortunately Westmoreland went into liquidation in May of this year and a month before the conclusion of the project.

6. However, I was able to eventually contact the designer of the boards who had been employed by Westmoreland and he was happy to continue the design work for the boards.

7. The CRA agreed to finance the nominal costs of the design work.

8. At present most of the boards are 90% complete and the final stages of checking will take place in the next few

9. A website is being created to complement the boards and will be operation when the boards are installed.

10.   If additional funding becomes available I will start on the four boards for Kilrenny.

Cellardyke in Bloom.

CRA AGM  - September 2018

Treasurers Report and Annual Accounts.

C:UsersGEORGEDesktopAccounts Rprt.jpg

Chairperson’s and Secretary’s Report

Over the last few years, the CRA has evolved into an organisation with a changing focus.   It has become the sponsor and supporter of community projects, aiming to promote and secure the identity, the history and development of Cellardyke.

Through sponsoring, encouraging and supporting the projects you have all heard about tonight, we have been able to successfully involve individuals, teams and organisations in the development of our community.  

It was with great satisfaction that we saw so many people involved in the success of the Sea Queen Festival revival in July.

Despite the challenges faced in the design and installation of the Interpretation Boards, I am confident that they will be in situ in the foreseeable future and the website on line.

We look forward to the Cellardyke and Kilrenny quiet Citizen’s Walk on 11 November commemorating the 64 men and women who died in the Great War.

Our meetings have been less frequent this year with an average turn out of six/seven members.

The members have looked at other possible projects to enhance the environment in which we live - the replacement of the street signs along the shoreline part of the town and the refurbishment of the 1642 Mercat Cross. We have also discussed approaches to take to prevent dog fouling,

Our group keeps an eye on, and a hand in, the planning applications and those property owners who are carrying out property alterations.   Fife Council Planning have worked with us attempting to enforce the rigorous planning process within this conservation area, achieving our goal sometimes with success and sometimes without success.

I have to thank the officers, vice chair, secretary and treasurer for their input to the organisation during the past year. The treasurer and Cellardyke in Bloom champion retires at the end of her 11 year’s reign.   The secretary resigned during her term of office.

Assimilating and promoting the history of our Burgh needs a counter-strategy.

Our community in 21st Century is now very diverse.   There are those locals whose Cellardyke families go back generations, locals who have come from other areas of the UK and further to live and settle in Cellardyke.   There are homeowners who have purchased a property as an investment and rent their properties or use as a holiday home and there are holidaymakers who travel here to stay for short periods in the summer and at weekends.   As an organisation we have to recognise these various groups and target our activities at all the members of our community and attempt to develop a strategic approach to embrace and absorb all of these groups in the uniqueness of our town.   There are also Dykers throughout the World who have a great interest in the town and through social media they are kept in touch with the people and events in the town.

Finally, I would also like to thank Glenn Jones and Catherine Wilson for their counsel over the past year and being able to tap into their experience as ex-officers on the CRA.

Quiet Citizens Walk Poster.




In attendance : Catherine Wilson, Christine Herd, Diana Sykes, George Walker, Paul Lewis, Nette Carder, Richard Wemyss, Glenn Jones, Catriona McPherson, John Brown (Chair)

1. Apologies : Chris Oliver, Kathryn Shearer, Dorothea Cargill Thomson,

                        (apologies received from Steve Liscoe on 10th October)

2. Minutes of the previous meeting on 13th June 2018

These were agreed as a correct record.

3. Treasurer :

Unfortunately, no candidate for this role has yet been identified and there were no volunteers at the meeting. The search for a new treasurer will therefore need to continue. A request for a volunteer will be circulated with the minutes.

4. Subscriptions/Donations :

The agreement, reiterated at the AGM in September, is that subscriptions/suggested donations should be one pound for those who attended the meetings or £10 as an annual contribution. There is no formal membership of the CRA with subscriptions, but these are the suggested donations for those who wish to support the work of the CRA.

Nette had received enquiries from people who wished to support the work of the CRA and enquiring about donations from previous years. As there is no new Treasurer and no formal membership list, it was agreed that the Secretary would write out with the minutes suggesting that those who wished to make a donation should do so in the form of a cheque made payable to the Cellardyke Residents Association, sent to John Brown.

Those present also made donations to the work of the CRA and a total of £72 was collected.

5. Update on Projects

a) Interpretation Boards:

The design work for the interpretation boards was now almost complete and was being scrutinised for accuracy. The task now is to secure additional funding for the production and installation of the boards and John Brown is exploring several options. However, no definite funding has been secured to date. The supporting website continues to be developed.

The Silverdykes Liaison Committee meets on 18th October and any update will be provided after then. Fife Council Planning Department now requires the content of the Boards and also details of the structures that will support the Boards when they are installed. John Brown continues to liaise with them.

b) Sea Queen Festival

A couple of meetings have been held and plans for 2019 are developing, with date of the event being 3rd August. The Silverdykes Liaison Committee and the Community Kist have been approached for funding to support the Sea Queen Festival. Mary Thomson has also generously offered to do a couple of coffee mornings. This will hopefully cover all the costs incurred.

Katie Morris, 2018 Sea Queen, will produce a video to start the search for a new Sea Queen, and launch a social media campaign to call for people aged 16-21 who might be interested in being the Sea Queen. The attendants to the Sea Queen from last year came from Anstruther Primary School - where volunteers were requested.

The Burgh Collection invited Katie Morris to open the new collection - and very positive feedback was received on her presence.

cThe Quiet Citizen’s Walk

A formal response from Fife Council for permission to hold a procession is still awaited, despite several emails and chasing. The Police are happy with the arrangements. There are plans to meet with the Rector of the Waid Academy - as the participation of the school children is crucial. Cellardyke Church is fully supportive of the walk.

6. Coastal Walk Signposting

Harry Peddie has drawn to the attention of the CRA that the signpost was put the wrong way round on the Coastal Walk. John Brown will investigate further the responsibility for the signposting on the Coastal work and take appropriate action. The CRA agreed to support accurate signposting for residents and visitors to Cellardyke.

7. Dog Fouling on the Beach/Streets of Cellardyke

The beach appears to be used as a dogs’ toilet, which is of particular concern as children are playing in the sand during the summer. East Forth Street also appears to be full of dog mess, and a local site on Facebook frequently highlights the issue of dog faeces being left in the streets by the owners. This is not only unsightly and unpleasant for those who walk in the streets, but it also poses a significant health hazard to residents and visitors alike. It was agreed to make contact with the Council to raise the issue and increase signage against dog fouling. John Brown will make the initial contact with the Council by telephone.

8. Car Parking & Upcoming Legislation.

Chris Oliver had been in touch with Stephen Gethins, MP, in June 2018. Stephen Gethins had recently got back in touch to suggest a meeting, but Chris was unable to make the proposed date of 26th September. Therefore, John Brown met with Stephen Gethins and his assistant Kirsty Watson and walked through the areas of Cellardyke where a proposed ban on parking on the pavements would cause difficulty to Cellardyke residents - in particular, James, John and George Streets. Stephen Gethins has now written to Fife Council on 3rd October as a result. John read out the letter to those at the meeting. A copy of the letter will be on the CRA website.  (Refer to Addendum below.)

Car Parking is becoming more difficult as time goes on, particularly on weekends when there are more visitors. It is particularly problematic in that there are very few areas for car parking,particularly those that are free. It is clear that innovative and radical and sustainable solutions will be required.

9. Planning Applications

To date, the CRA has not supported or opposed any individual planning applications and this stance was agreed and reiterated by those present. The CRA can and does signpost people to Planning Applications, advise residents or ask for updates on due process.

Silverdykes Liaison Committee - Two new representatives will join the SLC, with Glenn Jones and Katherine Wilson continuing to represent Cellardyke Residents Association. The next SLC meeting will be held on 18th October and further updates will be provided at the next meeting.

10. Correspondence received : The East Neuk Centre Trust had invited Nette, as CRA Secretary, to attend their AGM. Unfortunately, she is unable to attend, but Richard Wemyss will represent the CRA, and Nette will contact them and also provide an update on the work of the CRA.

11. Any Other Business

CRA Finances : Kate Shearer had provided an update on the CRA’s finances. The closing balance as at the 30th August 2018 was £1,351.79. As at 8th October 2018, the balance stood at £1,956.97 - this includes a donation from the Community Kist towards the Sea Queen Festival.

As at 30th August the Cash in Hand stood at £73.12. Payments had been made to purchase bulbs (£11.92) and a bottle of Talisker for Iain Gray who had kindly audited the accounts. The balance currently stood at £31.20.

Cycle Route : The cycle route is clearly well underway. It was noted that this development was supported by £100k from Muir Homes, obtained via the Silverdykes Liaison Committee. This contribution had enabled match funding to be obtained.

Citizen of the Year : The issue of Citizen of the Year was raised and whether those attending had any suggestions as to who might be nominated, what the process was and any potential role of the CRA. Attendees agreed to consider further whether there was any citizen who might be worth supporting and to consider this further at the next meeting.

Proposal for disabled access : Dorothea Cargill Thomson had requested that she present to the CRA’s next meeting a proposal to improve disabled access to the War Memorial. It was agreed to hear the proposal.

Wreaths : The CRA usually provides wreaths for the memorials on Armistice Day. Paul Lewis and Alan Mclelland - as ex-servicemen - could be asked to present the wreaths. John Brown will approach both people and arrange the wreaths.

12. Date and Time of Next meeting/s

The next meeting was agreed to be : 7pm on Wednesday 5th December 2018 - Venue tbc

No particular day of the week was a good one for everyone, so the 2019 Meeting dates for 2019 were proposed as: 7pm on Tuesday 19th February 2019 & Tuesday 9th May 2019.

The meeting closed at 8.20pm.

Addendum.  (Letter from Stephen Gethins MP.)

 SG letter.jpg



5th December 2018

Held at 7pm at 14 Shore Street, Cellardyke, KY10 3BD

In attendance : Christine Herd, Paul Lewis, Nette Carder, Glenn Jones, Chris Oliver, Catriona McPherson, Dorothea Cargill Thomson, Marie Carder, John Brown (Chair)

Apologies : Catherine Wilson, Richard Wemyss, Diana Sykes, Kathryn Shearer.

1. Minutes of the previous meeting on 9th October 2018

These were agreed as a correct record.

2. Matters Arising :

The signpost on the Coastal Walk had been put on the wrong way round and John Brown had contacted the Fife Coastal Trust who are responsible for the sign. The Fife Coastal Trust have now visited the sign and inspected it. The signs will be replaced in the next 2-3 years and therefore there are no plans to re-orientate the sign at this point in time.

3. Treasurer :

Catriona McPherson has agreed to be the Treasurer. She was proposed by Glenn Jones and seconded by Paul Lewis and duly elected as Treasurer of the CRA

4. Subscriptions/Donations :

The agreement, reiterated at the AGM in September, is that subscriptions/suggested donations should be one pound for those who attended the meetings or £10 as an annual contribution. This was communicated to all of the CRA mailing list following the October meeting. Two cheques for £60 and £10 were received as a result of the email. Subscriptions of £72 had been collected at the October meeting.

5. Update on Projects

Interpretation Boards:

The original designer, who had been working at Westmoreland Signs, had agreed to finish off the design work. At the June meeting of the CRA it was agreed that the CRA would underwrite the costs of finishing off the design work up to a maximum of £800.

The design work has now been completed. However,following discussions with Fife Council, it is now very likely that the monies for the design work can be paid using Section 75 funding, rather than from CRA funds.

Discussions are continuing with Fife Council, which is responsible for administering the expenditure of s.75 monies. On the recommendation of the SLC, the Interpretation Boards Project was allocated £24,600 from the s.75 monies - provided by Muir Homes as part of the Silverdykes Development. Usually, s.75 monies are drawn down by Fife Council - which actually spends the money - when a project has been completed. Discussions regarding the completion of the Interpretation Boards continues.

If funding is available, then work will continue to move towards implementation within the financial envelope available.

Planning permission for the Interpretation Boards - discussions have been ongoing for some time and Fife Planning are happy with the design and proposed structure of the Boards.

Sea Queen Festival

Sea Queen Festival has met once - and will meet again in the New Year to work on choosing the new Sea Queen. Nominations have been invited from anyone who is interested in being the 2019 Sea Queen.

The Quiet Citizen’s Walk

Thanks to Sydney Clare and Catriona McPherson for this very successful project. Originally conceived as part of the Sea Queen Festival, it was felt that it had been more appropriate for Armistice Day. It was very well supported by the community - with over 350 people attending - and was a moving and very successful community event.

One of the lessons learnt is that more people participate than expected - both for the Sea Queen and the Quiet Citizens Walk - which were very well supported by the community.

6. Dog Fouling on the Beach/Streets of Cellardyke

John Brown has contacted Fife Council who visited the beach (in October) - apparently a sign has been put up, but it is not entirely clear where it is. Dog Fouling continues to be a continual problem - both from local and visiting dogs (and their owners). John will contact the Council again in the Spring.

7. Car Parking & Upcoming Legislation.

The letter from Stephen Gethins letter is now on the website. The reality is that people in Cellardyke have to park on the pavements to ensure access by emergency vehicles. There is no further update, but Fife Council will hopefully apply for an exemption for certain Cellardyke streets when the legislation is implemented.

8. Planning Applications

There has been work undertaken in West Forth Street, with a wall having been taken down - it seems to create a parking space. This is all in the conservation area. Work on the wall at the back of the Coastal Inn appears to have ceased. John Brown will talk to Steve Liscoe to get a better understanding of the issues.

Cellardyke is a conservation area and new and existing owners of property should be respectful of this. It is one of the things that makes Cellardyke unique and attractive and a great place to live.

9. Cardinal Steps Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is now returned to the Crown Estate and is being ‘reinstated’. What this means is that they will allow the pool to return to its natural state and will not maintain or have liability for it. To date, there is little concern from the community about this. John Brown will ensure that East Neuk Outdoors is made aware of the situation.

10. Silverdykes Liaison Committee - When the last Muir house is completed - estimated to be some time in 2020 - the last £100,000 of s.75 monies will be made available by Muir Homes to Fife Council. The Silverdykes Liaison Committee will consider and prioritise any bids made to that monies and the process for putting together bids is set out on the anstruther.info page. Here is the link: http://www.anstruther.info/organisations/silverdykes-liaison-committee

At the previous meeting, the Community Council lost one member and two new Community Council representatives were elected - there are now 3 representatives on the SLC. Muir Homes are going to ensure that the ‘Village Green’ in Silverdykes is finished to an appropriate standard. There are 4 capstans on the site - and the intention was they would have an appropriate local symbol on each of them. This is now being followed up.

A variety of projects have been supported to date by the s.75 monies from Muir Homes. These include the Cellardyke Interpretation Boards, and £62,000 towards the completion of the Bankie Park play equipment. Additionally, an Outdoor Tennis Table has been provided. Improvements have been made to play equipment in Cellardyke Park, at the Billowness and in Windmill Court. The Cycle route was supported by £100k of the Muir Homes s.75 monies - which enabled match funding to be obtained. The development of the route is now well underway.

The Silverdykes Liaison Committee were informed of the process of the Silverdykes Development. To date,185 private houses have been completed and 9 are in the sales process. Fife Council have 57 properties completed and Kingdom Housing have 58 houses completed.

11. Correspondence received - No Correspondence has been received to date

12. Any Other Business

Chris Oliver volunteered to hold the next CRA meeting at 23 George Street, Cellardyke. It will be held in the old shop on the ground floor.

13. Date and Time of Next meeting/s:

7pm on Tuesday 19th February 2019 at 23 George St.

The following meeting has been set for Tuesday 7th May 2019.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.