History of the Bells

Bradwell has 6 bells. 5 of these date back to 1744 made by Robert Catlin, and are listed by the Church Buildings Council as having historic importance. The sixth bell was installed after the last war and has the inscription THANKS BE TO GOD WHO GIVETH US THE VICTORY 1948.

 Bell Data and History

A visiting team of ringers from Suffolk in October 1744 visit St Thomas Church to rind the new bells!

THIS is to give Notice to all Lovers of Ringing, that on Tuefday the 9th of this Inftant October, the Stonham Society of Ringers will be at Bradwell near the Sea in Essex, where all well Wifhers to that Noble Art, may hear good Ringing on the new Peal of Eight Bells, lately caft by Mr. Robert Catling, of London, and hung by Mr. John Williams, of Stonham in Suffolk.

N.B. Mrs. Tinsley, of the Three Rabbits, is defir'd to prepare Beds for the above Society.

(Ipswich Journal, Sat., 6 October 1744)