Weekday Services

Weekday Services 

For your Weekday Services from St Thomas Bradwell please click the appropriate link below;

Thursday  26th March 2020

https://1drv.ms/v/s!Amf0CpfZW_iA33FeKOYGGowp1RLh?e=52GEkzThursday 2nd April 2020

Spiritual Communion When Unable to Attend a Celebration of Holy Communion


Holy Week Reflections 

The Witnesses  https://youtu.be/JQYujXPMo8M


VE Day Friday 8th May 2020  

is still available by clicking the link below: 

VE Day 75 year anniversary Service  





Ascension Day 21st May 2020 click below

Ascension Day Service 

Ascension day window


Stained Glass Window from Saffron Walden Essex