Good Neighbour Scheme Questionnaire


We are delighted to be delivering the approved Ashen Parish Plan and Design Statement to homes in the village and would like to thank everyone for their support and participation in the various stages of its preparation.

As part of the survey and consultation there was strong support (74.59%) for an Ashen Good Neighbour Scheme. This is a scheme to help more vulnerable in our village community and those who are in need of help and support because of a particular circumstance such as illness or other challenges including for example the recent power cuts. There are of course a wide range of local authority and other care services and it is not intended to replace or replicate those services. What we have in mind as part of this village scheme is to find volunteers who would be prepared to be a local contact for their particular part of the village. There are some 152 dwellings in the village and so it would conveniently fall into nine groups of roughly 15-20 dwellings. Any resident in an identified contact’s area would be able to contact the person by telephone or otherwise who would then be able to put them in touch with the relevant authority or service or give other practical advice or assistance.   There would be no expectation or requirement that the contact should carry out any specific action themselves unless they choose to do so. As part of the scheme we would prepare and maintain a list of contact details for the wide range of local services that is available.

To take the scheme further we need to know:

  1. who in the village would be prepared to be a volunteer contact for their particular area or to assist in any other way; and
  2. who in the village think that they or another resident in the village could benefit from the scheme either generally or in particular circumstances.

We would be very grateful if you would complete the attached questionnaire and return it when completed to Councillor Simon Mattholie, Chestnuts, Ashen CO10 8JN or send or email it to the Parish Clerk Karen Melville-Ross, Rookery House, Cockfield Road Felsham IP30 0QP

We would ask for any responses please by 24th April 2020.

Ashen Parish Council


  1. a.            Would you be willing to act as a volunteer contact for a particular group of dwellings in the village?


  1. b.         If so, please give your contact details and the group for which you would be willing to act as a contact:



  1. Is there any other way in which you would be prepared to help in setting up and running the scheme?



  1. a.            Would you see yourself or any other member of your household or of the community benefitting from the scheme?


  1. b.            If so, what particular support or advice would you find helpful?




  1. Do you have any other comments?





Please return this form when completed to Councillor Simon Mattholie, Chestnuts, Ashen CO10 8JN or email or post it to the Parish Clerk Karen Melville-Ross, Rookery House, Cockfield Road, Felsham IP30 0QP

As part of its data control policy the personal data provided in these responses will only be used by the Parish Council for the purpose of the scheme and not for any other purpose.