Transport via DaRT3

DaRT 3  operates in North East Braintree and takes passengers from Ashen and other villages to Haverhill, Sudbury or Halstead. Demand Responsive Transport is provided by a number of minibus vehicles, typically accommodating between 8 and 16 passengers. They would differ from the current bus services, in that they are totally flexible and can divert on and off route to collect and drop off passengers within their operating area. The current demand responsive or DaRT service works by grouping bookings together to make it viable. It is not a taxi service, as there must be sufficient volume of passengers with similar itineraries. Most DaRT work is former bus routes, and group bookings. But unlike a large bus, DaRT only needs three or four passengers to make a group booking. And, when not operating a timetabled bus route or group booking, vehicles may be available for individual runs where no alternative transport is available. DaRT operates between 0600 and 2000 Mondays to Saturdays inclusive.Unlike a conventional bus, a passenger must book their seat, and register as a customer, at least two hours in advance of travel. But, if passengers wish to travel regularly, they do not need to book every single time they travel, as they can make a regular booking which last for three months. The timetable is at  You can call the service on  01621 874411 Email: