Boats moored on the tidal stretch of the River Crane

The Tidal Crane Association is a residents’ group which cares for the tidal stretch of the River Crane between the Northcote Road footbridge to the  Thames at Isleworth. The group was originally set up to fight the National  Rivers’ Authority’s proposal to cover over the River Crane and in 2017 celebrated its 40th anniversary, making it the longest running river Friends group in London. 

Every year we hold a River Celebration Day: an opportunity for neighbours and their families to get together, enjoy our wonderful river, clear it of rubbish and help keep it navigable. Everyone whose home backs onto the Crane or is interested in the river is welcome to join in. 

Other regular activities include working with relevant authorities on the control of pollution, monitoring of fish and a Wild Flower Survey.

As well as now being affiliated to Thames 21 as a Badged group, the Tidal  Crane Association works with the Environment Agency, London Wildlife Trust,  the Crane Valley Partnership, the South West London Environment Network  (SWLEN) and Friends of River Crane Environment (FORCE) as well as the  North St Margarets Residents’ Association (NSMRA) and Friends of  Northcote Nature Reserve (FoNNR). 

Interested in owning a boat on the tidal Crane?

Find out more about owning and keeping a boat on the river including understanding tides, where to buy and how to moor a boat, where you can get to on the Thames and much more. More information here and see our Photo Album page for pics of the event.



Saturday, June 22nd 2019

Celebrate our fabulous river, meet neighbours and have fun! 

Since 1977, our local River Celebration Day has been an opportunity for neighbours and their families to get together and enjoy the river. All local residents interested in our wonderful river are welcome.

10.30am: meet for coffee at Willow Cottage, 9 Talbot Road, TW7 7HG followed by River Clearing + History Walk along the upper reaches of the Tidal Crane (ends approx 12.30pm). Older children (7+) welcome but must be accompanied by parents at all times. Waders and rubbish collection equipment will be provided by Thames 21 need belt or belt loops on trousers to attach waders. Clothing: old trousers, socks and old trainers in case no waders fit, long sleeved top, warm top or sun hat/water depending on weather. If rainy, come anyway for a chat, coffee, nuggets of history, and information!

During the River Clearing there will be River Dipping for younger children (weather permitted). A chance to fish in the Crane and find out more about the creatures that live in it. Wear wellies and do bring a fishing net if you have one. Children must be accompanied by parents. Please come along to Willow Cottage coffee for safety briefing and venue information.

4pm: Family Tea + fun live music at 89 Haliburton Rd TW1 1PD (Carolyn and Richard’s)

Children welcome - please bring a cake or biscuits, home-made always especially welcome! Various children’s toys provided but feel free to bring some. Will go ahead whatever the weather!

8pm: Barbecue! (venue announced on the morning) NO CHILDREN - 16+ or babies in arms only. Please bring something to cook on the fiery coals: it helps us if you can leave plastic packaging home if at all possible. Also either a salad or a pudding to share, as well as something to drink.

All local residents interested in our wonderful river are welcome.  If you are interested in joining the Tidal Crane Association please complete this form.


Contact Us

If you would like to be kept in touch about Tidal Crane Association, please contact Secretary Anne Ottmann on 0208 892 3666 or

Our current mailing address:

 c/o SWLEN, E.T.N.A. Community Centre

13 Rosslyn Road
Greater London