As many as 80 members of the tidal crane community took part in one or more events of the day. 

On the day, the weather changed just in time, with the river level dropping to a manageable wading depth. 

Morning coffee meet up was heralded with warm sunshine and dry conditions for pulling on protective waders, provided by Thames 21. The generosity of neighbours, near the confluence with the Thames, made an excellent starting venue. A group walked upriver from the Percy Road slipway to Northcote footbridge. A total of 8 bags of rubbish were cleared, mainly plastic sheets, clothes and bits of iron, with one heavy parking clamp! Observation of invasive plant species was noted, in particular Japanese knotweed, for future treatment.

 More families than ever before joined in a very well organised river dipping experience led by Anne, TCA Secretary, and Thames 21 leader, Chris Coode, who was so knowledgeable and wonderful with the children. Very many thanks to the family hosting this event and their safe and easy access to a shallow stretch of the river. It feels a positive introduction for a new generation to the ecology and enjoyment of our river.

Afternoon tea was quieter than usual, but enjoyed the generous provision of a wide variety of cakes and live music from Martyn Day and friends. 

The day ended with a BBQ at the upper limit of the tidal reach.

River Dipping finds:
Bullhead; sticklebacks; damson fly larvae (and there was a sparkling damson fly flying around); a flounder; eels; water hog lice; an invasive Chines mitten crab; leeches; flatworms; water snails and freshwater shrimps.

River dip 2019 2