This informal survey was led by Steve Colclough, estuarine specialist from the Institute of Fisheries Management plus representatives from ZSL (London Zoo), FORCE (Friends of River Crane Environment) and the TCA.  The species found were the 3-spined Stickleback, Minnow, Dace, Flounder, Thin-lipped Mullet, Common Goby and European Eel. We expected to find Bullheads, which are regularly seen in the tidal Crane, but none were seen on that particular day. 

The bad news: an unexpected high percentage of fish had lice infestation, not usually seen in river fish and possibly due to the low flow levels and hot weather. 

The good news: the presence of a Minnow colony is very unusual in a Thames tributary and has only been seen in one other London location. It indicates that the water is completely saline-free and also that it is of high quality. For more details see the draft Report

Pic shows Steve Colclough of the IFM measuring a baby Flounder.