The name of the association is The Tidal Crane Association (the ‘Association’).



For the purposes of this Constitution, the tidal Crane consists of the river from the footbridge at Northcote Rd to the mouth of the Thames and its surrounds.



The Tidal Crane Association aims to protect and enhance the environment, community and culture of the tidal River Crane for the benefit of the neighbourhood. To this end, our objectives include:

  • maintaining and enhancing the river for environmental and recreational purposes
  • monitoring the health of the tidal Crane and its ecosystem
  • encouraging the understanding, appreciation, enjoyment and maintainence of the tidal Crane and its unique ecosystem
  • gathering and disseminating information concerning the tidal Crane and its history
  • encouraging the boating culture of the tidal Crane
  • lobbying for, and promoting, the Association’s aims

The Tidal Crane Association aims to work in partnership with other organisations such as The Environment Agency, Thames 21, London Borough of Hounslow, Friends of River Crane Environment (FORCE), the London Wildlife Trust and the North St Margarets Residents’ Association (NSMRA).



The Association will be managed by a committee elected at the annual general meeting. The management committee must meet at least twice a year, and can meet on further occasions if it is deemed necessary.

The management committee will consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Chair has a casting vote if a vote is tied.

Meetings will be open to all.



Voting will be restricted to riparian owners and residents with direct access to the river. The Chair (or Vice Chair in their absence) has the casting vote if the vote is tied. There will be no restrictions to the numbers of voting adults per households (18 or over).

The Chair will not vote unless using their casting vote.

Absent members will be able to submit comments to the Chair in advance of the meeting and organise proxy votes.

All committee members will stand down at the AGM and may stand for re-election.

The quorum (the number of members needed to form an official meeting) of the Association is 5.



Running costs to be raised through a collection at the Annual River Clearing coffee, family tea and barbecue. The purposes of the collection will be to cover the costs of printing our flyers to publicise the newly formalised Association and the Annual River Clearing. It was also agreed to apply for a Civic Pride grant to cover improvements to the River Crane, in line with the Aims above.


Dissolution of the Association

The Association ceases to exist after a vote saying so at a special general meeting or annual general meeting. If the Association fails to meet for two years it is automatically disbanded.