The History Weekend postponed because of Covid is now expected to take place during the Jubilee long weekend at the beginning of June.

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THE SECOND EDITION OF ‘TATSFIELD – THE FIRST 2000 YEARS’ is on sale (price  £10) at Sheree's on Westmore Green and is also available by post

Copies are also available at Paydens, Station Road East, Oxted and at the Titsey Place tea room




The Tatsfield History Project has published a new edition of ‘Tatsfield – the First 2000 Years’. When the first edition was published in 1999, edited by the late Eileen Pearce, no-one knew how many copies would be sold. In the event, all copies had gone soon after the Millennium!

The project’s long-held ambition has been to meet the demand for the book. Second-hand copies were attracting high prices on the internet.

As well as satisfying the unmet demand, we were also aware of the need to record how Tatsfield has developed since the Millennium. We also wanted to be careful not to lose the essence and style of the original book. We hope that’s what we have achieved in this expanded 162-page edition, this time with many more illustrations in colour.

Having finally completed the task we hope that you will enjoy this fresh opportunity to delve into Tatsfield’s past.

For details of how to order for postal delivery, please email us at:


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Welcome to the Tatsfield History Project website

The Parade with Mr Sawtell's butcher's shop. the Working Men's Club and Mr Field's shop ca.1905

Tatsfield's History Project has accumulated an archive of well over 5,000 items originally based on the records of Tatsfield Parish Council.  This archive goes back to the first documented reference to Tatsfield - in the Domesday Book.  The archive catalogue is accessible from the drop-down menu on the left or from the link at the bottom of this page. 

Enquiries about the details of individual items and requests for copies should be sent to the email address below.  Burial records from 1870 until 2004 are available on request.

Information about the history of Tatsfield is also available at the Caterham and District Local History Centre in Caterham Valley Library.  The Surrey History Centre can provide more information online, as can the  National Archives.  Surrey Parish Records can be found online at

Have you been to the excellent 'Exploring Surrey's Past' website lately?  Click here and insert 'Tatsfield' into the 'Search Website & Collections' window to see what a wealth of material about Tatsfield is held by the Surrey History Centre.

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Future plans:The Tatsfield History Project continues. If you have lived in or near Tatsfield, or have any background information, photographs or any other material which you think might interest us, please get in touch through the email address below or by leaving a telephone message on +44 1959 577376. We are particularly interested in any deeds relating to sales of property in Tatsfield between 1830 and 1870. 

PRIVACY: Everything held by theTatsfield History Project is already in the public domain, either in the official records of the parish council or of other public bodies, in material available on the internet, held in other public archives or in published books and other publications.   



email:  (We are able to respond relatively quickly to email requests for information from our archivesThis can be especially useful if you are researching your family history. Please include the words ‘Research Enquiry’ in the subject line to avoid your email being consigned accidently to the ‘spam’ bin). Incoming emails will be retained indefinitely unless you specifically ask for this not to happen.  One person's enquiry can often contain an answer to another person's question and it may from time to time be appropriate to ask you whether you would be happy for another enquirer to contact you direct.

Click here to browse the September 2021 edition of our archive catalogue



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