The New Members Form is for members to complete on joining the choir, covering key personal details and GDPR requirements,    


Medley Application Form

The Medley application form provides required details on joining the Medley. This is a monthly lottery scheme that assists with choir funds. Members joining the Medley will pay £12 each year and a draw each month will provide a member of the medley with £0.50 multiplied by the number of choir members in the scheme. (30 members provides a £15 prize each month)

An application form to join, rejoin or renew your Medley membership is available here:

 Gift Aid Declaration

Where sums paid to Scunthorpe and District Choral Society are deemed to be donations to the charity, they are eligible to be subject to claims for Gift Aid. Members completing a Gift Aid declaration are enabling the Society to claim £0.25 on every £1.00 donated. If yopu are a UK taxpayer, please consider completing the Gift Aid Declaration below to enable this claim to be made on your behalf: