Sadly, we have decided that our forthcoming concert on April 4, 2020 could pose an unacceptable risk to both our members and audience. It has therefore been deferred until July 10, 2021.

Further details will follow when available.



In order to keep costs down it is intended to distribute as much 'mail' as possible by email rather than by post. This will principally be the annual letter.

It should be clear that if any member changes their email address it is their personal responsibility to inform the Membership Secretary. This would be best done by emailing Elisabeth Morris at

It is appreciated that not everyone has an email address; these members will continue to receive postal communications.



In the event of a rehearsal being cancelled because of bad weather, it will go on the website here, under NEWS, rather than ringing round all members.

If it looks likely to be cancelled, it's up to individuals to check. If anyone doesn't have Internet access they can ring a Committee member, or anyone else who can access the Internet.