Telephone box lifts off for France

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The hi-vis team on tenterhooks   

Scoriton & Buckfastleigh Twinners have rescued a classic GPO telephone box. After much-needed care and attention, it will be heading to Fontaine-Henry.

“We were offered the box by Buckfastleigh Council and leapt at the chance,” says Twinning President Anne Goulborn. “Our French counterparts are really enthusiastic and looking forward to giving it pride of place in their village.”

Due to the pandemic, it took a while to get the project off the ground. But last Friday saw the battered old box rise high in the air from its concrete base in Buckfast for its first faltering steps to France.

First stop, however, was just down the road. Twinning stalwart Diana Knight has offered to give the box houseroom while it is being restored.

We held our breath as the one-ton cast-iron lump swung into position on Diana’s forecourt, just missing all the overhead telephone cables. Once in pristine condition, the telephone box will head for France with full fanfare via Brittany Ferries.

In its new home in Fontaine-Henry, this British design-classic will act as a potent symbol of the close connection between our two communities.


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