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After three days of back-to-back activities, the French Twinners were delighted by their long-awaited visit to Devon.

Three months ago, a gleaming refurbished British telephone box arrived in Fontaine-Henry, Normandy. A gift between Scoriton and Buckfastleigh and their Twinning counterparts across the Channel. Now, the Devon Twinners have been able to see the box in situ with their own eyes.

The restored GPO telephone box has finally arrived in Fontaine-Henry. The long-awaited gift from the Scoriton & Buckfastleigh Twinning Association is now in pride of place in the centre of the village.

Scoriton & Buckfastleigh Twinners have rescued a classic GPO telephone box. After much-needed care and attention, it will be heading to Fontaine-Henry.

No quarter was given at Buckfastleigh's Valiant Soldier "The pub where time was never called" on a cold night in January. Like a "Night at the Museum", the old pub was transported back to its heyday in the 1960's. A full house of noisy punters, a stocked bar of French wines, a selection of cheeses and some very handy electric heaters.

Buckfastleigh residents sipping tea on Sunday afternoon at the Millennium Green were in for a rude awakening: a French pitch invasion followed by a keenly contested game of walking football.

As the military lorry and three military motorcycles filtered their way down the main street of Fontaine-Henry, the Mayor was there in his sash to greet them. It could have been a scene from 1942. But this was June 2019 and Colin Harmes of Buckfastleigh, his son and son-in-law who were coming to pay their respects to the Canadian war dead.

Following Scoriton's lead, Buckfastleigh now has three new signs at the entrance to the town publicising our twinning link with Fontaine-Henry.

Teams of four once again pitted their wits in the annual Twinning Christmas Quiz at the Kings Arms, Buckfastleigh on December 1st, our traditional festive curtain-raiser.

To pay tribute to Remembrance Day 2018, Scoriton and Buckfastleigh and our counterparts in Fontaine-Henry decided to make a joint statement of peaceful solidarity .

There was a heavy-weight surprise waiting for visitors in the Twinning gazebo at this year's Scoriton Flower Show. Waiting impatiently in his corner for the action to begin, Oakwood Hannibal drew astonished gasps from members of the public. The question was simple: how much does this bruiser weigh?

Standing on the scales after the twinning biennial visit to Fontaine-Henry can be a sobering experience. 2018 was no exception. The twinning group from Scoriton and Buckfastleigh were entertained in great style by our French friends in Normandy throughout the weekend of May 28th.

On September 23rd Fontaine-Henry's community hall saw 60 French of all ages sit down to a Full English Breakfast, an immovable feast in the calendar of our French Twinning friends and their guests.

Dodo? Lapin blanc? La reine rouge? When 37 French guests from Fontaine-Henry in Normandy set sail for the 2017 biennial twinning visit to Scoriton and Buckfastleigh, little did they expect their trip would take them through the looking glass.

Did you know Buckfastleigh has its own pétanque pitch? Nestling next to the tennis courts in Hamlyn Playing Fields, the pitch was the brainchild of two members of the Scoriton and Buckfastleigh Twinning Association.

During their latest twinning trip to Normandy's Fontaine-Henry members of the Scoriton and Buckfastleigh Twinning Association checked in on a nearby garden designed and built by Buckfastleigh resident John Goulden.