Oakwood Hannibal pulls his weight for the Twinning

game posterThere was a heavy-weight surprise waiting for visitors in the Twinning gazebo at this year’s Scoriton Flower Show.


Waiting impatiently in his corner for the action to begin, Oakwood Hannibal drew astonished gasps from members of the public.  The question was simple:  how much does this bruiser weigh?


As a variation on our usual French themed games, attendees were asked to guess the weight of this three-year old grandfather of, er, numerous  offspring.


Oakwood Hannibal’s trainer, Judy Le Marchant, was on hand to make sure our champion was chaperoned throughout the event.  No surreptitious feeding with carrots to influence the result.  No fingers poked through the bars of his cage.


In the end the Giant Papillon rabbit tipped the scales at a whopping 6 kilogrammes, bagging the winner a hamper of authentic French goodies.


“It was fun to try a different type of game and Oakwood Hannibal certainly made an impact, drawing old and young to our tent,” says our Chairman Anne Goulborn.


Oakwood Hannibal