The Parish Council is required to carryout an interal audit annually. The findings of the Independent Internal Auditor are published and, providing the Parish Councils expenditure is less than £25,000 the Council is has certified it self as exempt at a meeting after 31st March in any one year the Parish Council only has to submit a completed Certificate of Exemption to the Governements appointed External Auditor for verification. 

Details of the conclusion of Audit are published below. 

Detailed Internal Auditors report 2023/24

Annual Internal Audit report 2023/24

Unaudited Annual Return Section 1&2 2023/24

Certificate of Exemption 2023/24

Bank reconciliation 2023/24

Analysis of variances 2023/24

Notice of Public Rights 2023/24


Explanation of "No" answers in Internal Audit Report 2022/23

Annual Internal Audit Report 2022/23

Bank reconciliation 2022/23

Explanation of Variances 2022/23

Unaudited Annual Return Section 1&2

Certificate of Exemption 2022/2023

Notice of Public Rights 2022/23


Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement 2021/22

Section 2  - Accounting Statements 2021/22

Annual Internal auditors report 2021/22

Certificate of Exemption 2021/22

Explanation of variances 2021/22

Bank reconciliation 2021/22

Notice of Public Rights 2022

Internal Audit report 2021/22



Restated Annual Accounting statements 2020/2021

Restated Certificate of Exemption 2020/2021

Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2020/2021

Notice of Public Rights

Annual Internal audit report 2020/21

Certificate of Exemption 

Explanation of variances




Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2019/2020 (AGAR) & Internal Auditor Report 

 Notice of Public Rights 

Annual Internal Audit Report 

Internal Auditor Report 

Certificate of Exemption

 Governance Statement

 Accounting Statements


Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2018/2019 (AGAR)


Notice of Public Rights

Internal Audit Report 2018/2019

Certificate of Exemption 2018/2019 

Section 1 - Governance Statement 2018/2019 

Section 2 - Accounting Statements 2018/2019




Annual Governance Accountability Return 2017/2018 (AGAR)


Internal Audit Report 2018

Certificate of Exemption  

Section 1 Governance Statement

Section 2 Accounting Statements 2017/2018



 Annual Return  for year ending 31st March 2017


Internal Auditors Report 2016/2017 

Notice of Electors Rights 2017


Notice of conclusion of Audit 2016-2017



Annual Return  for year ending 2016  


Annual Return for year ending 2016  Part 1 Section   1&2 


Annual Return for year ending 2016 Part 2 Pages 3 & 4


Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016