A number of articles have been written by Kings Bromley Historians on a variety of topics concerning the people and places in and around the village, reflecting the rich history of the area.

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Articles Available as pdfs

  1.     Kings Bromley and the Ionian Islands
  2.     The History of Kings Bromley Historians
  3.     Agnes Lane descended from Charlemagne    
  4.    The Electric Turbines at Kings Bromley Manor
  5.     The Lanes of Kings Bromley and the Lucys of Charlecote
  6.      Mentions of the Lanes and Kings Bromley in Anne Bagot's diary
  7.      Woodend Farm and the Isolation Hospital
  8.      Lilian Bromley Davenport
  9.     The Anti-Slavery Debate Around Lichfield
  10.     The First Creamery at Kings Bromley Wharfe
  11.     John Newton at Spettisbury House
  12.     Arthur Lane
  13.     The Lanes in the Eight Censuses 1841 – 1911
  14.     Thomas Gainsborough – The River Trent at Kings Bromley
  15.     The Journal of the Rev. William Bagshaw Stevens  throws light on the Catherine Newton affair and        the Lane Inheritance (2016)
  16.    The World war II Evacuees Stories.
  17.    Sir Ronald Bertram Lane, Knight of Kings Bromley
  18.    (To be revised)
  19.    A walk along the town street
  20.    A tribute to Dean Lane
  21.    The Notorious GIB - Gentleman Isham Baggs
  22.    Tilly Kettle Paintings
  23.     The Lane family Seal