Information leaflets

A leaflet for home owners who may, or may not know, that they have swifts nesting in their house.

You've got swifts!


Information about swift bricks for builders and developers, including the different types of swift brick available from various manufacturers.

Facts about swift bricks.



One Midsummer's Day: Swifts and the story of life on earth - by Mark Cocker

Swifts and Us - by Sarah Gibson

On Crescent Wings - by Jonathan Pomroy

Swift, an epic story of a small bird's courage - by Lorna Hill

The Screaming Sky - by Charles Foster

Vesper Flights - by Helen Macdonald

Swifts in a Tower - by David Lack

Screamer the Swift: It's not just another brick in the wall - by John Miles

Super Swifts: The small bird with amazing powers - by Justin Anderson