Aims of the group

To protect and enhance traditional nesting sites and to establish new nesting sites where appropriate in the Hastings and Rother area of East Sussex.

From March 2024 our priorities for swift conservation in the Hastings and Rother area will be projects (especially commercial/public buildings) that could have a big impact and more chance of success to grow our local swift colonies or encourage new ones.

To build a group of volunteers throughout the Hastings and Rother area involved in locating existing sites, surveying and recording swift activity, seeking expansions and prospective new sites and seeking protections for nest sites.

To encourage local people to install or retro-fit a permanent swift nest site (with the use of swift bricks), or a soffit box or other appropriate swift box, if they have a suitable location.

To enthuse and inspire young people to be swift champions of the future.
To build awareness of the plight of the swift:      

  • By organising presentations and talks  
  • By speaking with local media and campaigning for swifts     
  • By lobbying local council authorities to make it mandatory that swift bricks are a requirement on all new build projects; that existing nest sites are protected/enhanced; and new sites are encouraged when existing buildings are renovated.

To work in association with local conservation bodies: RSPB, Sussex Ornithological Society, Sussex Wildlife Trust, the National Trust, local environment and wildlife groups.

To work in association with national bodies: Swift Conservation UK, Action for Swifts UK, the Swift Local Network.

Swifts over village skyline