Add a permanent swift brick to your house

Following the exciting Battle Library project to install 'S'(wift) Bricks into the Clock Tower, we would like to encourage homeowners to consider the long lasting, permanent option of swift bricks. Retro-fitting is relatively easy, especially if you are planning exterior work to your home at some point that requires scaffolding. Contact us for details!

Optimum siting for a swift brick is: 

  • at least 4.5 metres above ground,
  • under deep eaves, on gables, or on/in a high wall with some shade,
  • with uncluttered adjacent airspace for easy flight access
  • and no adjacent perches or creepers for predators like, crows, magpies and squirrels.

AND ... If you are planning a new build or extension, please consider swift bricks as a part of your design! Integrated nest bricks for swifts are not a new idea and their use by house builders, such as Barratt Developments plc in partnership with the RSPB, has been increasing in recent years.

The 'S' Brick - The 'S'(wift) Brick is Simply for Swifts and Sparrows and it spans a single course of bricks. It was developed by Action for Swifts to address the market for retro-fitting in brick cavity walls and it is also simple to install in new build in both normal cavity and timber frame construction as well as rendered walls. The 'S' Brick comprises a laser cut nest chamber, a built in nest form and a brick slip front. It can be tailored for different brick sizes, cavity widths and brick facings. They weigh just 1kg and are competitively priced.

Galvanised+Steel+S+Brick+Action+for+Swifts_50mm_cavity_wall.png  Galvanised+Steel+S+Brick+Action+for+Swifts_100mm_cavity_wall.png

New style 'S' Bricks and the latest innovations in nest boxes are now being developed by Action for Swifts.

Find out more here.

Action for Swifts have produced these brilliant new information leaflets about their latest product options:-





Plus there is a special leaflet for new home owners with ready installed 'S' Bricks, provided by house builders.




Manthorpe Swift Brick and other alternatives from NHBS wildlife|ecology|conservation. 

Manthorpe swift brick


Swift Nest Bricks - Facts About Swift Bricks - installation and suppliers of various models.

swift bricks in gable end 

swift bricks under eaves

Swifts in swiftbrick

UPVC Boxed Soffits and Fascia no longer have to mean the destruction of precious colonies of swifts and other cavity nesting birds. Consider any of these three super affordable proven solutions and help rescue our swift colonies from the brink of extinction. Click here to read more information for councils, housing associations, home owners, builders, developers and roofers published by Sheffield Swift Network. Hastings and Rother Swift Conservation Group can provide the same advice, help and support for our own area.

Soffit adaptation

Although we will be focusing on large projects from March 2024, we shall continue to make assessments for homeowners as to whether they have suitability for swift nests, but we now promote swift bricks and soffit boxes over external wooden boxes, for longevity. If homeowners cannot agree to bricks or soffit boxes, wooden boxes can be provided for the time being. We shall be moving to using a local builder or handy person to carry out installations on our behalf and further information about these arrangements will be detailed here when agreed. 

Swift call system
Electronic call systems that mimic the swifts' call have been proved to help attract swifts to nest bricks and boxes. You can hire one of our swift call systems for £40. It's easy to use, small and discreet.

Once swifts have moved in, please return the call system for someone else to hire. Swifts are nest faithful - once they've settled in to your nest brick or box, they will return year after year.

Read all about when and how to use swift attraction call systems here.

How to attract swifts!

Read this really helpful article from Jonathan Pomroy, author, wildlife and landscape artist, and a passionate swift enthusiast. Based on his personal observations gleened from starting three swift colonies on different houses. Click here.

Image: A painting by Jonathan Pomroy.

Jonathan Pomroy oil painting