Nest box installations

From end of March 2024 we are still able to assess homes and buildings regarding suitability for swift nests, but we shall be promoting swift bricks and soffit boxes over external wooden boxes, to ensure longevity of nest site for the swifts.


Nest Box Installations 2020 to 2023

25th June - Two box Model 30 installation at Bexhill. Instant impact! The caller had just been installed and on for 10 minutes when three swifts appeared from nowhere!  Everything crossed 🤞🤞🤞

22nd June - Update from three box installation at Gensing, St.Leonards in May 2022. Top and left hand box occupied by breeding swift pairs ... sparrows in the right hand box!!

14.5.22 Gensing, St.L, house crop

28th May - Hastings Old Town installation of a 2 tier, east facing, nest apex box and caller - what a view!!



21st May - Hastings Old Town installation. 4 box Model 30.

4_box_model_30_Hastings_Old_Town_1_21.5.23.jpg  4_box_model_30_Hastings_Old_Town_21.5.23.jpg

18th May 2023 - Three box Model 30 installation and caller at Cranbrook, Kent.


26th November - three Model 30 boxes installed under deep UPVC eaves on a south facing wall in Bohemia, Hastings.  The homeowner originally approached us when we had an awareness raising stall on George Street market as part of the St. Leonard's Festival in the summer.  The installation was planned to concide with the erection of scaffolding for exterior decoration and installation of solar panels on the roof.  Perfect timing for the safe and easy addition of swift nest boxes!  A speaker was also installed in readiness for the addition of a caller in May.  There are expansive views down over the town towards the sea ... we are sure the swifts will love it!

26.11.22_Bohemia_1.jpeg 26.11.22_Bohemia_3.jpeg

19th June - two Model 30 boxes installed at Crowhurst.  Heh!! Chimney Swifts!!  Other boxes and a caller are installed very close by and swifts are already prospecting in the immediate vicinity.


12th June - Five Model 30 boxes installed at the Rye Retreat - the Aveda Lifestyle salon and spa, situated in the ancient Cinque Port town of Rye.  Swift caller will be added next weekend.

image1.jpeg image0.jpeg

29th May - Four Model 30 boxes and caller installation started at Crowhurst.  Making good use of the temporary scaffolding!

29.5.22_Crowhurst_-_4_Model_30_boxes_&_caller.jpeg FT_V1hUXEAApNQ_.jpeg

28th May - Three Model 30 boxes and caller installation at West Hill, Hastings.


14th May 2022 - Gensing, St. Leonards - 3 Model 30 boxes and a caller installed in St. Leonards under gin clear blue skies.

14.5.22 Gensing 3 Model 30s & caller full house view 14.5.22 Gensing, St.L, house crop

April 2022 - Fairlight Hall - 5 Model 30 boxes installed on one of the buildings at the magnificent Fairlight Hall.

Fairlight Hall 10.4.22 Fairlight Hall box close ups

15th January 2022 - Staplecross - A four box installation, by ageing bloke in glasses!

 15.1.22 Staplecross installation with Ian & ladders to access 15.1.22 Staplecross Ian installing 4 boxes 15.1.22 Staplecross house with 4 box installation

21st November 2021 - A five box installation at Crowhurst with splendid views.

Crowhurst house with 5 boxes 21.11.21 Crowhurst view from front of house & boxes

17th Otober 2021 - A four box installation, complete with caller, for this property on West Hill with commanding views over the town. A treat for the Old Town population of swifts!... and a reminder to take every opportunity to use scaffolding that has been erected for building work, to also erect homes for swifts!!

17.10.21 Hastings West Hill 4 box & caller front of building view  17.10.21 Hastings West Hill close up of 2 boxes and caller

26th September 2021 - The 12 S Bricks, provided by Action for Swifts, heading to a new development at Westfield, East Sussex. These will be installed behind white cladding on the north and south apexes of one of the new buildings.

S Bricks ready for new Westfield development

30th May 2021 - Swift caller installed and running for these five Model 30 boxes in Battle. We've been told that a group of 8-10 swifts have been screaming past today (31st) answering the recorded calls! Everything crossed!  14th June update: Member, Emma, reports "Lots of interest in the nest boxes again today.... one bird in particular was spending a lot of time in the end box, calling back to its companions outside; quite a bit of interest in the neighbouring box as well!" ðŸ¤žðŸ¤žðŸ¤ž New photo courtesy of Pam Hawkins ... well done!!

30.5.21 Battle caller added for 5 boxes Battle Club swift

29th May 2021 - Model 30 swift box and caller installation at West Hill, Hastings. Riding the scaffolding, very high at south facing rear of house. Prime swift nesting territory. 

29.5.21 West Hill Box & Caller

17th April 2021 - 3 box installation at Bohemia, Hastings

17.4.21 - Bohemia Hastings

11th April 2021 - 3 box installation at West Hill Road, Hastings. Owners say on Twitter, "Fantastic work, guys! Let’s hope the neighbours will be encouraged to join in!".

11.4.21 West Hill Rd - Hastings

3rd April 2021 - 2 box installation in St.Leonards on Sea.

3.4.21 St.Leonards 2 box inst.

20th March 2021 - Today we completed a five box installation in Battle, started on the 24th January.

20.3.21 - Battle 5 box completion

20th March 2021 - A two box installation in Battle.

20.3.21 - Battle

  • 55 nest boxes installed, to date, over the last year!
  • More enquiries to survey and fulfil before May! 
  • Let's keep this going, Battle and Hastings!!

14th March 2021 - Another installation in Hastings today.  Bliss! Scaffolding to stand on!!

14.3.21 - Hastings

13th March 2021 - A 5 box installation at The Ridge, north Hastings. It was windy up that ladder today, but thankfully not as high as last week's installation!

13.3.21 - The Ridge

7th March 2021 - Model 30/HM False eave double installation in Crowhurst, East Sussex.

7.3.21 - Crowhurst 1 7.3.21 - Crowhurst 3

24th January 2021 - First two of a five box installation in Battle.

24.1.21 Battle

17th January 2021 - Completion of four box installation at Pett.

17.1.21 - Pett 4

20th December 2020 - Two boxes installed at Pett, where swifts will have access from open countryside.

20.12.20 - Pett

12th December - Five 'Model 30' swift nest boxes installed today at Battle.  'Model 30' so named as every angled cut is 30 degrees. The uPVC rooves deflect heat, rain and predators and also act as an artificial eave. They can be installed on north, east, west and south facing walls without eaves.

12.12.20 - Battle 12.12.20 - Battle 1

5th December - Out in the countryside today! 4 boxes up and 1 more to add at this property in Battle.  Another 5 required at a nearby house.  Hoping to establish a new little colony here!!

5.12.20 - Battle 1 5.12.20 - Battle 2

21st November - A high installation today in Hastings Old Town!

21.11.20 - Hastings

14th November - Two more new nest boxes installed at St.Leonards on Sea today.  It seems word is getting around! 

14.11.20 - St.Leonards

7th November - Box installation today on the pink house in St.Leonards on Sea.  Complements the two boxes next door but one to the left!!  Let's hope swifts are attracted in spring by the prospects of having near neighbours!!

7.11.20 - St.Leonards

10th October - Today we had 2 Swift bird nesting boxes installed! Swifts need our help, their population has halved in the last 20years. Thank you @HastingsSwifts for your professionalism, helping us learn the importance of Swifts and their return to Europe in the Spring. Amanda Jobson

10.10.20 installation

Yes, the aim is to maximise installations ahead of May 2021 to free up time to survey and protect traditional sites! Ian - Chair Hastings and Rother Swift Conservation Group

10.10.20 installation Ian

3rd October - Installation of two new nest boxes in St.Leonards on Sea today and more installations lined up in the area. Excellent!!

3.10.20 St.Leonards

26th July - Another swift nest box installation in Hastings Old Town.  There are now 4 boxes along this lovely little terrace.... and more orders for nest boxes coming in!  Joy!!

26.7.20 Old Town

21st June - Another installation today in Hastings Old Town, complete with call system to attract some new occupants! ... and to the right - another today in Hastings!!

21.6.20 Hastings 21.6.20 Hastings 1

7th June - Working hard to enhance nesting opportunities for Hastings Old Town swifts.  Three new swift nest boxes installed today.  Thank you to the residents!

7.6.20 Old Town

31st May - Two new Model 30 swift nest boxes installed at Castle Hill, Hastings today.  The new-build house stands tall, with wide eaves - perfect for swifts - but no provision was made for them in the planning.  Not any more!  Lucky swifts who find this 'des res'!!

31.5.20 Castle Hill

24th May - Three new Zeist swift boxes installed today in Hastings Old Town, complete with a swift call system to attract them. Necks already craning for new tenants!

24.5.20 Old Town

17th May - Two new Model 30 nest boxes installed in West Hill, Hastings this weekend.  As we finished 4 to 6 swifts came screaming overhead!  Everything crossed!!

17.5.20 Hastings