About us

We were formed in the spring of 2019 when our common swifts (Apus apus) were late returning from Africa after being caught up in unseasonable storms in southern Europe. There were thousands of fatalities and the swift populations in our towns and villages suffered.  This on top of the now familiar problem of loss of nesting sites and the swifts' insect harvest. 

We are a diverse group of enthusiastic volunteers of all ages from the Hastings and Rother area, helping to locate and record existing nest sites, seek further potential sites and work to protect the existing swift colonies and nest sites.  We are a 'not for profit' community group.

Membership is by voluntary donation and members support the aims of the group and participate in its activities.  You can join by word of mouth, at presentations or talks; through our Twitter(X) and Facebook pages; and via this website's Contact Us page. 

Find out more about our activities on the Aims of the Group page.

Swift clings to wall


If you wish to become an active member of Hastings and Rother Swift Conservation Group, with access to our WhatsApp Group, meetings, survey teams, etc. please use our Contact page.  We shall be delighted to welcome you!!