Free talk: local wildlife and how we can save it

If you’re interested in wildlife and preserving the beautiful countryside around our parish, then don’t miss a free talk on 19 February at the Meeting Place, North Street, Westbourne, at 7pm.

Community wildlife officer Sarah Hughes will be talking about our local ‘wildlife corridor’ – a strip of valuable habitat that includes much of Westbourne. It links the South Downs National Park with Chichester Harbour and is a vital area in which animals can move around, find food, breed and thrive.

Sarah works for Chichester District Council, which is trying to protect this wildlife corridor and others in the area. She’s a well-informed and entertaining speaker, and we’ll have cheese and wine on offer.

The event will cover the many endangered and rare species we have in Westbourne, what they need to survive, and how we can all help.

One important way to help is to report wildlife sightings on the iRecord website. If there’s evidence that an area is home to important species, it has a better chance of being protected. This the aim of our Westbourne Wildlife Watch campaign, which we will soon be re-launching for 2020.