Where did it all begin?

Great Eccleston is an ancient village and existed long before Domesday, the earliest known information is 1066..  At this the village was  large village, much larger than surrounding villages therefore it was included in Domesday.   

In 1066 it was owned by Tostig Godwinson, the brother of King Harold II. This means that the village must have existed before this time. 

In 1069 in the tax rolls the size of the village was two carucates (ploughshares)  The carucate was a medieval unit of land area approximating the land a plough team of eight oxen could till in a single annual season.  However the village recorded no households. The village lord of the manor was Earl Tosti in 1066, with the landowner being King William.  However by 1086 it is recorded at King William.

This map of 1664 does not show the village, this is not due to its size but to the fact that it did not have a church as other village must have done.