In 2015, the Friends of Carlisle Park were lucky enough to win an award of almost £5000 from the
Civic Pride Fund from the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The money was spent on
replanting the area around the Pavilion in Carlisle Park, Hampton. This is a very dry and sunny
area so it was decided we put in Mediterranean plants which will tolerate these conditions well. All
the plants have brightly coloured flowers which will attract bees to them.

These plants are


Achillea (Moonshine)
Yarrows are wonderful carefree perennials.
They thrive in most soil types, need little water,
and do well in full sun. The flowers of
moonshine are beautiful bright yellow,
excellent cut flowers, and make very nice dried
arrangements. Moonshine forms a clump up to
2 ft. by 2 ft., and has larger leaves than most
yarrows, that are an attractive grey green

cistus corbariensis


Cistus corbariensis
Mounds of wavy-margined, evergreen leaves
are accompanied by yellow-centred, papery
white flowers, which emerge from crimson
buds in June to July. This wonderful, bushy
rock rose is one of the hardiest, compact
varieties. It is ideal for a large, patio container
or a sunny, shrub border, but it does require
protection from harsh winds.                               

cistus argentus


Cistus argenteus (Silver Pink)
Cistus originate from dry, rocky parts of the
Mediterranean and Canary Islands, and so are
drought-tolerant and low maintenance. They
produce masses of flowers in midsummer, but
each lasts only one day. 'Silver Pink' is
particularly free flowering, and forms a neat
mound, with a profusion of delicate, papery,
silvery-pink flowers, fading to almost white in
the centre, during June and July

lavandula grosso


Lavandula grosso
This vigorous English lavender produces
masses of long, slender stems, which are
topped with clusters of vivid violet flowers
between July and August, above mounds grey-
green leaves. It makes a gorgeous, flowering,
informal hedge, especially along a path, where
its fabulous fragrance can best be appreciated.
It works well in a Mediterranean garden, or
clipped into a formal sphere for a
contemporary look. The highly scented flower-
spikes are also a magnet for bees and other
nectar-loving insects.



Phlomis russeliana
This is also known as Sticky Jerusalem Sage.
It is an unusual looking perennial from Turkey
and Syria with hooded, pale yellow flowers
encircling hairy stems. The flowers somewhat
resemble Monarda. Leaves are aromatic and
slightly fuzzy. P. russeliana reaches three feet
tall and nearly as wide. It should be grown en
masse in a border or near a warm wall.



Rosmarinus officinalis
Commonly known as rosemary, is a woody,
perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen,
needle-like leaves and white, pink, purple, or
blue flowers, native to the Mediterranean



Santolina chamaecyparissus
Also known as Cotton Lavender. A compact
rounded shrub with grey-white leaves. Yellow
flower heads from mid to late summer. Max
Height 50cm. Max Spread 1m. Flowers July to
August. Full sun. Frost hardy.

Santolina virens

Santolina virens
This is a native of the Mediterranean region,
and has been popular in the Western world
since the 16th Century. This hardy evergreen
shrub prefers light shady soil and a sunny
position, and once established will produce a
showy display of green foliage and bright
yellow button flowers in mid to late summer.
























































































The work was carried out by the council, with the help of some volunteers from the Friends of
Carlisle Park on Tuesday, 13th October 2015.