Friends of Guildford Museum Newsletters

The Newsletters have been scanned in PDF format and you can look at them by clicking the underlined headings below. You can also search the summary desriptions using Ctrl + F on a PC. We would like to thank Gavin Morgan who undertook this project, a wonderful memorial to his father Eric Morgan who was editor of the Newsletter for 24 years since the Friends began. 

Issue 01 January 1996

Museum Excavation unit, Young Archaeologists Club, Stoke Almshouses

Issue 02 June 1996

The Jews of Medieval Guildford, Museum Excavation Unit, St Catherines

Issue 03 January 1997

Jane Austed visit to Guildford, Border Ware, The 'Hereford' chair in the Undercroft, Research on the Castle Keep

Issue 04 August 1997

Town Regalia, Electricity Works, Dr Monsell and St Nicolas Church

Issue 05 January 1998

Lewis Carroll Centenary, Lewis Carroll, his Family, and Guildford, The Possible Synagogue, Edward the Martyr and Brookwood Cemetery Church, 

Issue 06 July 1998

The Undercroft - a medieval wine merchant's shop? The Medieval Counter, Investigation of No 8 Angel Gate, Lewis Carroll and the Alphabet Cipher

Issue 07 December 1998

Wonderland postage stamp case, Guildford Silver Penny, James Price

Issue 08 June 1999

Guildford Surrey Rifle Volunteers badge, Guildford at the year 1000, Mary Alexander 20 years work at the museum, Dickens in Guildford?

Issue 09 December 1999

P G Wodehouse from Guildford, the Eashing Plate, Guildford Fire Brigade volunteers, and Surrey Rifle volunteers, new acquisitions, reminiscences of Lewis Carroll's niece, 

Issue 10 June 2000

Victory Industries Triumph TR2, History panels installed, Millmead House and Haydon family, Lewis Carroll on letter-writing, Guildford tramway project.

Issue 11 December 2000

Toy Roundabout, Castle Street baths 1925, Wisley Log Boat, Guildown Saxon Cemetery, Victorian School Room, John Siferwas and Guildford Friary, Holy Trinity Church, Gertrude Jekyll and Quarry St, 

Issue 12 June 2001

The Dennis Lawnmower, Glazed Tiles display, General Elections in early 1800s, Merrow Downs - munition blast, The Swan Inn.

Issue 13 December 2001

London and County Bank, Wisley log boat, Archbishop Abbot's School, Thomas Baker's School, installation of History Panels, Lewis Carroll photograph of Castle Gate garden, Samuel Pepys and Guildford, the Victorian Schoolroom, 

Issue 14 July 2002

The Sheriffs of Surrey, donations to the museum by FOGM 1995 to 2001, Letter-writing advice by Lewis Carroll, Bill Bellerby retires from the committee, the Castle Caverns.

Issue 15 December 2002

Guildford railway exhibition, The Keep Prison, Surrey Highwaymen Tim Wilmot, Edward Hinton, and Isaac Atkinson, Coal in Worplesdon?

Issue 16 July 2003

Alice Liddell attends performance of Alice in Wonderland in Guildford, The Lovelace Cart bridges, Guildford Boundary Markers, The Theatre Walk, 

Issue 17 December 2003

Recent Acquisitions display case, The Castle Keep, Boundary Stones and Markers in Guildford, Victorian Schoolroom 3 years on, The Society of Dependants exhibition, Christmas 1881," Entertaining Eric" letters from WWII, 

Issue 18 July 2004

Castle Arch, "Entertaining Eric" D Day letter, St Catherines WI banner donated to the museum, The Farnborough Hill Kiln project, exhibition on the history of Guildford breweries, Guildford Railway station display opened, completion of castle restoration work, "The Guildford All Electric Picture Postcard Kaleidoscope Show". 

Issue 19 January 2005

The Future of the Museum, Mary Alexander reaches 25 years working at Guildford Museum, Iron Age finds donated to museum, Geology display, Samuel Wesley visits Guildford, The Castle model, Sutton Hoo's political context, Ron Martins 92nd birthday, 

Issue 20 June 2005 (10th Anniversary Edition)

"Entertaining Eric" more letters from WWII and a poem, new plan for the museum, Museum Pathfinders Group for youngsters, the Victorian Schoolroom, drawing of 8 Quarry Street, Home Front Guildford exhibition and other activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII. 

Issue 21 January 2006

Jill Draper appointed as museum manager, "And the Lord Taketh Away" new book on the Mount Cemetery, Henry More Molyneux 1790 - 1822, "My experience as High Sheriff of Surrey", acquisition of Mickleham bronzes, Victorian Childhood exhibition. 

 Issue 22 June 2006

Royal visit by Queen Elizabeth II to Guildford on Maundy Thursday, story of Beryl Montague-Butlin, a recipient of Maundy money, Marjorie Williams on her meeting with the Queen, the Queen and the loss of Wally the Whale, the memories of Gladys Ball pre-war and during WWII in Worplesdon, "A Victorian Childhood" exhibition and how schooling changed in 19th century, "How to make a papermakers cap".

Issue 23 December 2006

Castle Arch House is older than previously thought, rare embossed stamp with Guildford postmark, new book "Oil paintings in Public Ownership", Sydney Sime Memorial Gallery, W H Pankhurst paper recyclers, 

Issue 24 June 2007

Learning from Maidstone Museum's experience of applying for Heritage Lottery Funds, the story of  John Mason's life as a carpenter in Guildford 1826 to 1897, Surrey Heathland exhibition, new book on Jackson Brothers motor and bicycle businesses, filming in Shere, Anniversary of Guildford Diocese, Guildford commercial tokens and seals, Time Team visit Godstone, Peaks Pond reopened, why is 5 April the end of the government financial year, 

 Issue 25 December 2007

Opening of the temporay exhbition gallery, new book "Pots and Potters in Tudor Hampshire", acquisition of Limoges buckle plate, exhibition "Living memory, the changing face of Guildford from WWII to 1960", Visit to Jaguar car factory, exhibition "Ancient Gods: Prehistoric and Roman Religion in Surrey", Guildford Street names, the story of George Elderfield, farmworker and arsonist, The Pinkerton Shilling and the Basingstoke canal, 

Issue 26 June 2008

Marjorie Williams OBE, Living Memories 1962 - 1973 of local residents, exhibition of miniature textiles, Marian Jack's of Guildford and Bond Street, 

Issue 27 December 2008

Staff restructuring, Boxing Day 1927, Guildford in the Sixties, London Bridge, "Hidden House Histories" exhibition, patronage of Parish of Worplesdon, Baseball and Guildford, Elections and Lewis Carroll, Peak's Diaries.

Issue 28 June 2009

Retirement of Matthew Alexander, Guildhall panelling, "A Few of My Favourite Things" exhibition, Egyption artefacts collected by Surrey Archaeological Society, "A Place of Safety: evacuees in Guildford during WW2", the Museum's Collection policy, a WRAC's story from the WRAC exhibition, new book "The Archaeology of Water by Helen Chapman Davies, Benjamin Martin and his microscopes, Railway Key Tokens, 

 Issue 29 February 2010

Borough Council establishes Heritage Services department led by Jill Draper, Widening museum access to new audiences, Lewis Carroll exhibition, Gift giving exhibition, the medieval Undercroft, David Irish and Dr Villiese (John Russell painting)  18 century quack doctors, the story of the Cornmarket, iconic buildings of 1930s, Remembrance Sunday 2009 in Holy Trinity, 

Issue 30 December 2010

Consultation announced by Borough Council on creating a new heritage centre, combining an enhanced museum with Guildford Castle, a 19th century balloon trip from Vauxhall Gardens to Pirbright reported in the Illustrated London News, a Bronze Age axehead from St Catherines, exhibition of pantomime posters, Sidney Sime exhibition at Guildford House, the Crown Court in Bedford Street and trials for murder, unveiling of plaque commemorating the fatal crash of an American military aircraft in Jacob's Well in 1944,  

Issue 31 December 2011

Museum acquires 17th century and 19th century bottles found in St Catherines, the Surrey Iron Railway, the life of George Abbot, the Guy Riots to be commemorated with a sculpture, Gertrude Jekyll, 

Issue 32 December 2012

Museum redevelopment project, the Saxon cemetery, the retirement of Dr May Alexander, exhibition on Victorian childhood, exhibition on the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the life of the Dodgson sisters in Guildford, how Charles Dodgson become Lewis Carroll, and Doublets, a word game he invented, Nick Booth leaves the museum.

Issue 33 March 2013

Heritage Lottery fund first round application lodged in April 2013, Georgian exhibition, the Guildford House of Correction, how George Abbot was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, the story of the Battle of Camperdown that features in the John Russell portrait of Sir Richard Onslow in the Guildhall, some books taken on Scotts first expedition to the Antartic 1901-4, exhibition on Aldershot and District Bus Company, 

Issue 34 December 2013

Application to Heritage Lottery Fund to be resubmitted, Stoughton Barracks location for the film "Carry on Sergeant", Catriona Smellie and Andrew Longworth appointed as Collections Manager and Curatorial Assistant, the life of Joan Drew embroiderer from Chilworth area, the Undercroft in the last 300 years,the life of Queen Eleanor of Provence and herr time at Guildford Palace, 

Issue 35 Decemberr 2014

An experience of the project to make an inventory of the museum's Collections, Behind the scenes of Heritage Services department, Richard Williams appointed as FOGM Treasurer, Jez Smith Access Officer, the Ockham Hoard, Excavation of Guildford Fire Station site reveals rare flints from Upper Palealothic period. Exhibition on First World War, the Zeppelin Raid on Guildford in 1915, a poem written by Duncan Tovey for his daughter Mollie in September 2014.

Issue 35 March 2016

Arrangements with Surrey Archaeological Society, Catriona's wedding, our chairman Jen Powell appointed as a Freeman of the Borough, Jean Wickens appointed as Hon Secretary, member Sandra Morgan awarded an MBE in the Queens New Year Honours List, Guildford Heritage Forum is canvassing views on the museum, Samuel Wesley's visit to the Russell family in 1776, new book Alan Turing and Guildford, Roman coin found in a garden on the Hogs Back, new book "Seventeenth Century Trading Tokens of Surrey and Southwark", National Gallery treasures stored remotely during World War II, 

Issue 37 March 2017

News from the Museum, Catriona Wilson shows Lewis Carroll items on "Bargain Hunt" a tribute to Hon Alderman Elizabeth Cobbett, new Access Officer Melanie Holliker, acquisition of Victory Industries Morris Minor 1000 model car, acquisition of London - Guildford Post horn, the real-life Jeeves was born in Guildford, Xmas hijinx at the Castle, the first ladies cricket match between Bramley and Hambledon took place on Gosden Common in 1745, Guildford and the forgotten invasion of 1216, Guildford artefacts feature in Turner Contemporary Exhibition, Saxon and Norman coins in the museum.  

 Issue 38 December 2017

Friends to curate an exhibition at the museum, a new video telling the history of the museum buildings, Some interesting items from the Collections, exhhibition on Medieval Machines, Heritage Forum parade and other events on Heritage Open Day weekend, Guildford and Lewes two medieval county towns?

Issue 39 November 2018

Progress on Museum Development Project, the Friends exhibition "Tunsgate, A Century of Change", obituary for Eric Morgan founder member, obituary for Marjorie Williams founder member, obituary for Andrew Longworth Curatorial Assistant, Christmas at te Castle, Inspired by Alice Day, Carol Brown is appointed Hon Secretary, Family history and the Great War.

Issue 40 January 2020

Structural repairs continue at the museum, Undercroft lease renewed, Progress on Museum Development Project, the History of Guildford Museum (part 1), Health and Wellbeing and museums, Coffee time talks, "Eating In" exhibition at Guildford House Gallery, 

Issue 41 October 2020

RSA Heritage Index for Guildford, Impact of COVID lockdown on museums and historic houses in UK, Collections Management System, the History of Guildford Museum (part 2), the model of the Undercroft, An interview with Jackie Malyon, a history of Burpham allotments