Exhibition: Tunsgate - A Century of Change: April - June 2018

In 1918, the Tunsgate area of Guildford was a narrow, dark, mostly residential street next to the fire damaged remains of a large draper's store. The exhibition explores how the area was transformed, firstly into the "place to be" with the Picture Playhouse Cinema, and Boxer's Café. Later, in the 1970s, the development of Tunsgate Square on the site of the cinema brought a more comfortable way of shopping, protected from the weather. The Tunsgate shopping street has, nevertheless, kept a more traditional character, where family run businesses still flourish - an increasingly vital element in a town centre. 

The exhibition has been curated by the Friends of Guildford Museum with support from Heritage Services staff. The main contributors to the exhibition were Christine Hetherington, Gillian Moulton, Jean Wickens, Jill Buist, Matthew Alexander, Nicholas Bale and Richard Williams. 

 Private view with Mayor

Deputy Mayor Councillor Michael Parsons and Deputy Mayoress view the exhibition

Another chance to see the exhibition at the Guildford Institute: from 18 February 2019 to 9th March 2019

The Tunsgate A Century of Change exhibition panels will be on display again at the Assembly Room at the Guildford Institute in Ward Street, Guildford (just off North Street). 

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