Looking for a Grave

Do you have friends or relatives buried in Blackburn Old Cemetery?

 If you wish to locate a relative or friends grave you can utilise the Deceased Online website to obtain the grave number

click on symbol    

 There is a charge for obtaining the full record.


You can also email cemeteries@blackburn.gov.uk giving name(s) of person(s) buried, approximate date(s) of burial(s) and religion(s) and they may be able to provide the grave number(s).

The "friends" facebook page may be able to help.

Click here to go to our files folder on facebook page The FRIENDS of BLACKBURN OLD CEMETERY | Facebook and find the file for the section you are interested in. Please be aware not every section has been mapped. 

Alternatively go to our Contact Page and supply as much information as you can eg: Full Name of Deceased, Date of death/burial, Religion, Grave No etc. and we will try and help.